Direct Snap Offense: Blast Play

The Direct Snap Blast Play is great for youth football. This play utilizes an unbalanced line and gets the ball in the hands of your playmaker very quickly. This is a great add for any team at any age level. Outnumber and out-leverage the defense at the point of attack!

Fast Screen Options off of the Zone Run Game

It’s important to have different options when running or throwing the football. When we are spreading the field I like the idea of having screen plays attached to all our run plays.

Using the Jail Screen to Maximize the Bubble Screen

Most offenses in today’s game are looking to spread out the defense  and then take advantage of where they have a numbers advantage. One of the most popular ways to do this is with the Bubble route.

3 Blocking Tags That Will Take Your Offense to the Next Level

Adding tags to your core running plays will allow you to multiple, while keeping things simple for your kids. Tags will allow you to keep running your base plays when teams adjust and commit to stopping them.