Coaching Football Sacrifices, Is It All Worth It?

football sacrifices

Coaching football takes a great deal of quality time away from family, friends, hobbies and career aspirations. When you coach this game there are no days off, only numerous hours spent analyzing, strategizing, researching, motivating and (let’s not forget) actual coaching. There is a high level of commitment that all coaches must adhere to, in the end we ask- is it all worth it?

I’ve never met a coach that disliked coaching football. Building solid relationships with fellow coaches, athletes and parents is certainly uniquely awesome, it is a bond that can not be replicated anywhere else. Working with youth aged athletes presents a perfect opportunity to steer kids in a community through the narrow path of success. These young guys are being trained, in many aspects, to be impactful leaders. 

3 Key Life Lessons You’re Drilling Into Your Athletes:
    1. Time management is often practiced and learned while playing football.
    2. Video review translates into study time, a lesson in the importance of preparation will help your youth football athletes in their classrooms.
    3. Passion for participating a sport. Football communities thrive on the thrill of competition. Cheerleaders and families cheer as football team gathers to chant their fight song.

The sacrifices youth football coaches make on a daily basis are generally big in scope due to the enormous amount of time and attention necessary to coach. Balance can be achieved by recognizing that while football family is high on the priority list, a coach’s own family should always takes precedence.

There is something to be said about living a life enthusiastically. If you love the game of football, and the many bonds that are formed while participating- then there is no better feeling. Remember, when you are frustrated beyond belief due to unruly parents, kids that quit or horrible officiating, remember that you are behind a purpose much greater than football.With certainty, a great coach will make a direct and immediate impact for his community. Makes it all worth it!

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