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Youth Football Online All Star Selection- C/RT/RG/LT Ayrton Hignojos

Ayrton youth football online all star at nike camp

Name: Ayrton Hignojos

Age: 9 years old

Organization: Texas Youth Football Association

Team Name: Tigers

Youth Football Position: Center, Right Tackle, Right Guard and Left Tackle

Favorite NFL Team: Eagles

Favorite College Team: Texas Christian University

Offense: I-Formation

Favorite Play:  34 Dive

Future Goal: Would like to work at Sea World

Favorite Class in School: Physical Education

Ayrton Hignojos is a remarkable athlete that we are proud to name as our newest Youth Football Online All Star.  Ayrton is a youth football player that plays the game with a physical handicap, having one arm, though you would never know it from watching how he plays.  He doesn’t ask for special care or make any excuses.  Ayrton masterfully compensates for his disability with will and a desire to be great.

ayrton hignojos

Ayrton is able to play all positions on the offensive line with great success. He is able to play guard, tackle and center. Ayrton is able to snap the ball, pull and block with desire and energy. Youth football running backs generally get all the credit, but without a solid group of offensive linemen, RBs would clearly struggle.

Ayrton plays the game of football with great passion and aggression.  Ayrton displays his resilience and desire to be excellent at everything that he does. At Nike camp in Georgetown, Texas he received all 5’s in scoring. He works incredibly hard to get better day in and day out.

“I enjoyed his courageous spirit and work ethic.  I watched him grow considerably in his maturity and academics.  He never gave up when it came to working hard on his reading and math.  I was constantly impressed with this tenacity and his compassion for others.   I am also so impressed with the way he tries all sports and never lets his disability stop him from succeeding” says Ayrton’s 2nd grade teacher Miriam Henning.

During our interview with Ayrton, he proved to us that he is strong kid.  He sets a high standard for himself, having the understanding that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you will achieve your goals.  “No shortcuts” says Ayrton Hignojos.

“He is very perserverent and is constantly challenging himself.  Although he has limitations he doesn’t ever let it get in his way.  He doesn’t ever use that limitation to feel sorry for himself or to get away with stuff.  He is not only a hard worker in school, but he is very passionate about sports.  He is probably the best athlete in our class and all the other students look up to him for that.  He has high expectations for himself and I know he’ll be successful at whatever he puts his mind to” says Ayrton’s 3rd grade teacher Stephanie Legg.

Ayrton’s hobbies include swimming, baseball, lacrosse, tennis and soccer.

Ayrton, congratulations on being selected as a All-Star.  You’re a great football player and now a great friend of Youth Football Online. Play the game of  football with great intensity and always look to improve. Continue to show the world that your physical limitations are, in fact, not limitations at all.

youth football online all star ayrton