Overload Blitz- 3-3-5 Defense

Overload Blitz out of the 3-3-5 Defense

This Overload Blitz- 3-3-5 Defense will overwhelm the offensive line. Since the linebackers are stacked, it will generates confusion at the line of scrimmage. The linebackers should be 3-4 yards off of the ball. You can have them start to creep up as the offense begins their snap count.  You do not want the linebackers creeping up too much because it will give the blitz away. On the other hand, you do not want your linebackers blitzing from 4 yards off of the line of scrimmage either. When you call this blitz play, it is vital that the kids blitz! No half-heart blitzes.

Overload Blitz- 3-3-5 Defense

(N): Slant backside A-gap, rip through the center.

(E): Slant C-gap, ripping through the offensive tackle (blitz side).

(E): Slant B-gap, ripping through the offensive tackle (backside).

( R): Contain- backside.

( L):  Blitz around the edge, force defender (turn ball carrier inside).

( M): Blitz A-gap.

( S): Backside C-gap- to pursuit.

(W): Blitz B-gap. Stacked 2-3 yards behind the (E).

( C): Deep 3rd coverage.

( C): Deep 3rd coverage.

( FS):  Deep middle 3rd.

Coaching Points

  • When you call this blitz play the kids need to blitz! Half-hearted blitzes lead to big plays against your defense.
  • Ideally, this blitz should be called to the side the offense is running too.
  • You can play cover 3 zone coverage behind the blitz or you can play man to man.
  • The (W) & (S) are stacked behind the (E)s. You do not want the linebackers to give away what gap they are attacking.
  • You can also send the ( C) off of the edge for another attacking defender.
  • The defensive linemen shouldn’t go around blocks, they need to rip through the blocks. When defenders run around blocks it creates gaps and running lanes.
  • Defense attacks on ball movement, do not go off-sides.

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