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Rub Route Concepts in Youth Football

There are many different kinds of rub route concepts in youth football. Rub route concepts are excellent against man to man coverage. As we know, man to man coverage is what the majority of youth football defenses play. This play is very easy to install and is a high percentage play. This rub concept gives you the option to have the QB run if there is no one open. This play is also very effective off of play-action. You can have the QB fake an inside run to the (2) which will bring up the linebackers.

Offensive Line: 

The offensive line will secure their inside gap and pass block. Remember, you want your offensive linemen to step into their pass blocks. You do not want the defensive line bulling over your offensive line. To help against inside pressure you can have your offensive line move to 1 foot line splits. This will suck the defense in and it will collapses any gaps between the linemen. The (TE) is pass blocking but you can have him release and run a drag or even a go route straight up the field. Personally, I rather have him secure the backside, rather then release for a pass.

Skilled Positions:

(1): Secure snap, roll out to the right (full speed). The QB will have to keep his eyes on the (4) and will have to hit him on the run. The QB’s first read is the the (4), the second option is the (3), and the third option is for the QB to run. We want to hit the (4)  quickly out in the flat and allow him to run after the catch.

(S): The split-end will run a shallow cross. The (S) must have his head up looking to cross the path of the (B) responsible for covering the (4). You can also have the (S) ‘sit’, and turn towards the QB. We just have him continue his drag across the linebacker level. The (S) cannot chip the (B), but you do want him to alter his path.

(4): One second delay, run into the flat. The (4) needs to be 2-3 yards up-field and in the flat. The delay will allow the (S) to cross in front. The (S) will be above and the (4) is crossing into the flat underneath. You might have to adjust the splits of the (S) and (4) to accommodate your team. Another option is instead of delaying, you can have him chip the defensive end to slow his rush down and create an easier block for the (2).

(2): Lead block for QB. Look to block the defensive end. Hold outside leverage.

(3): Deep post right down the middle of the field. This route is the 2rd option, but if you notice that the defense has no safety or the safety is flying out of there you can hit the (3) for big yardage.

Rub Route Concepts in Youth Football- Slant/Wheel

This is another one of our favorite rub route concepts in youth football. The Slant/Wheel is another man to man killer. This rub concept is out of a stacked, spread formation. I like the stacked look because it puts the defense in alignment conflict. Most of the time defenses will align to the stack as it is drawn up below.

rub route in football

The (WR) is running a slant, crossing the path of the (SS) responsible for covering the (4). The (WR) cannot hit the (SS), but we want the him to alter his path. The (SE) is turning and running a slant right at the inside defender. You do not want him the take any steps up field. When the ball is snapped, he is turning and running the slant. The (4) is running a wide wheel route. You do not want him to belly inside, you want him to wheel away from that middle safety. This play is best ran to the wide side of the field because that safety will probably line up over the football. This means he will never be able to get over in time to help defend the wheel route.

If the defense is aligned to stop the slant/wheel you have the (3) on the backside. You can have him run off the (CB), which will hold that safety. You can also have him run a quick slant if the (CB) isn’t playing with inside leverage. If you notice that the defense is spread out with the spread formation, leaving you a soft box, you can check into a running play. You can run QB power with the (2) lead blocking, or you can hand off to the (2) on a running play. There are countless rub route concepts in youth football. You can run these rub concepts out of pretty much any formation.