7 Awesome Reasons Why Kids Should Play Football

7 Awesome Reasons Why Kids Should Play Football

Here are 7 Awesome Reasons Why Kids Should Play Football

Here’s a summary of  7 awesome reasons why kids should play football. Take these benefits as a way to recruit kids in your community and educate parents on the benefits that come from participating in youth football.

Here is why kids should play youth football:

It’s Fun. Having fun is what youth football is all about. Yes, it is possible to have fun even if you are having a losing season. It always starts at practice. Coaches should focus on making practices fun. Throw in a fun activity or two during the practice week to change things up. This will allow kids to enjoy themselves and it will keep them interested in the sport. Competitive, up-tempo, organized, and enthusiastic practices will keep kids interested.

Develop New Skills. Playing youth football requires children to communicate with both teammates and their coaches.  Teamwork is probably the most important skill that is learned by playing football. Teamwork is a trait that these kids will need to carry into teen and adulthoodYouth football will also assist in the development of social skills, which is necessary to be successful in not just football, but in life as well.

Making Friends.  Playing youth football will allow kids to make new friends.  Playing football will help develop team chemistry and a sense of brotherhood. These friendships can last for a lifetime. Also, for the most part, they will be making friends that are also on the right path.

Develop Competitiveness. Life is about competition- whether it is playing a team sport or applying for a job. Nothing is given to you in life so it is important that kids learn how to work hard and compete for everything.  Set goals and work competitively towards them is what youth football should be all about. Kids need to learn to always compete and set high goals for themselves. When I say “competitiveness”, I do not mean “winning at all costs”. It’s all about effort.

Become Physically Fit. Football will require kids to take part in physical fitness. Our country’s obesity rate is at alarming levels. This is primarily because of poor nutrition (fast foods) and the growing interests and developments of video games.  Kids play video games, but the kids that are addicted to them are the ones that rather stay inside on a nice day and play games. If it is a nice day, kids should be outside playing.  Kids need to stay active and participate in sports and recreation. Football is a physically demanding sport that will have the kids exorcising every practice and game. There is no other sport that teaches physical fitness better than football. 

Keep Children Busy (and out of trouble). Playing sports will help keep kids busy after school.  Participating in youth sports and recreational activities will help keep the kids busy and out of trouble. It will keep kids in a controlled, structured, and positive environment.  It will also get the kids in good physical condition and it will keep them away from those unproductive 6 hour long video game sessions. Keeping kids busy and out of trouble is one of the best reasons why kids should play youth football. No other sport will require more commitment and DISCIPLINE.

Safer Game. The game of football has never been safer. Coaches are now required to take various safety classes on proper tackling and blocking techniques. Many leagues also implemented rules that don’t allow teams to do live tackling for more than 1/3 of the practice. There are also certain stupid ‘old school’ football drills that are now banned. The evolution of equipment also makes the game much safer. Equipment is getting better. Coaches are becoming more educated.  The perception of concussions in football is exaggerated. Many times people compare the NFL to youth football, which is absolutely ridiculous. The ‘old school’ win and hit at all costs is dying out. The younger more educated coaches are beginning to take over.

The are countless reasons why kids should play youth football. Every kid should reap the benefits that come from playing this amazing sport. Join our Youth Football Movement.  

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