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5 Great Run Plays for Mobile Quarterbacks

5 Great Run Plays for Mobile Quarterbacks

One of the most difficult things to defend from a defensive standpoint is a mobile Quarterback. When you have a mobile QB it forces the defense to have to defend the QB as a throwing and also a running threat. When you have a mobile QB you do have to be careful that you don’t beat him up too much. If you don’t have a mobile QB you can just take out the Quarterback and put in a running back and do a direct snap. Here are 5 great plays for mobile quarterbacks.

5 Great Run Plays for Mobile Quarterbacks | Play Diagrams


QB Run Play QB ISO

The Quarterback ISO play is a simple play, which makes it an excellent for youth football. Here we come out and spread the defense out. This will force the defense to bump linebackers out to cover the receivers and this will leave them with a soft box. When you have the QB as the ball carrier you gain an extra blocker. The offensive line will base block and the outside receivers will stalk block the coverage defenders. If the defense is playing press man to man coverage just have the receivers run off. The (2) will ISO the outside linebacker (S) and the QB will follow his lead and cut off of his ISO block. The outside linebacker is the player you are isolating. This is a great downhill play that is easy to install and it works on all age levels of football.

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QB Counter 

Q Counter

The QB Counter is great because it’s a play that is deceptive but at the same time it gets you blockers at the point of attack. This play is best executed when you run Power to the T first then once the defense adjusts to the Power you then call QB Counter. The play-side (LT) and (LG) will double team the the play-side defensive tackle. If your (LT) can hand the (DT) you can have the (LG) go get the middle linebacker. The (RG) will pull and kick-out the defensive end. He is responsible for kicking out the first defender outside of the (LT). The (H) will pull and lead through the hole and block the outside linebacker (W). The QB will jab step to the right, let the T cross his face them get behind the (H)’s lead block.

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Lead Sweep 

Q Run plays QB Lead

When you motion a player across and the defense doesn’t run with the motion player you will have an extra blocker at the point of attack. It’s important that your motion player understands that he cannot go or lean forward until the football is snapped. The (3) will lead block on the CB. If you want you can have the (2) block the CB and the (3) lead block. The (SE) will crack the outside linebacker and the (4) will seal the defensive end. The offensive line will reach block on the play-side and cut0ff on the backside. This is a great play to call when you see the defense isn’t adjusting to the motion.

QB Trap 

Quarterback Trap Play

QB Trap is a great way to attack the interior of the defense with your Quarterback. Running this Trap off of Jet Sweep action will add an element of deception to the play. The (C) and (LG) will double team the nose guard. The (LT) will go block the middle linebacker. The Tight-end (Y) will go block the outside linebacker. The rule for the (RG) is that he will trap block the first defensive linemen past the Center (C). The aiming point will be the inside hip of the defender. Also, the pulling guard needs to pull right tight off of the (C) and trap the defender- gutting him out. The (Z) will come in motion and fake Jet Sweep. The (S) and (X) will stalk block the defenders covering them.

QB Zone Read

QB Zone Read Play

The Zone Read is an excellent way to get your QB the ball out in space. It’s also a great way to take advantage of overaggressive defensive linemen. The offensive line blocks inside zone to the left, leaving the DE unblocked. The QB will then read the DE. If the DE squeezes down or chased the (T), the (Q) pulls the ball and run. If the DE sits and/or plays the QB the (Q) just hands to the (T) on the Inside Zone. It’s a simple read that can be executed on pretty much any age level of youth football. The (S) will run a bubble route to hold that outside linebacker. If the defense doesn’t respect the trips side you can have him throw the Bubble Screen quickly.

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