5 Overlooked Coaching Points for Offense

5 Overlooked Coaching Points for Offense


  1. Give sufficient reps to backup players, linemen and running backs. If a starting player gets hurt or has to come out of the game you do not want the offense to lose fluidity. Many youth football teams will fall apart when their key players are injured.
  2. Have a coach watch the opposing team’s defensive ends. When the ball is snapped, what are these players doing? Is the D-end slanting inside or hard outside. If you notice a defender cheating one way or another you can take advantage of that. Assign an assistant coach to watch these defensive ends.
  3. Count the amount of defenders inside and outside of the box. If you have numbers advantage outside, run an outside play. If the defense is giving you a soft box, pound the ball inside. This sounds very simple, but many coaches just call plays and have their athletes ‘bail them out’.
  4. Scout/ videotape your opponents so that you can practice against the defensive look you are going to see on game day. If you know the defense likes to slant or stunt, you can prepare your players for that.
  5. When working the running backs solely, get a line mat or cone set and set them up as the offensive linemen. The distance between each cone should be the distance between the linemen (line splits). If you just run plays on air with your running backs, the timing and point of attack will be off when the offensive linemen are actually there.



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