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4 Ways you can Utilize Jet Motion in Your Offense

4 Ways you can Utilize Jet Motion in Your Offense

Motions are very underrated and underutilized on the youth football level. In my opinion, motions offer a variety of different benefits.  Jet motion will allow you to get your athletes the ball outside very quickly (Jet Sweep). It will allow you to deceive the defense (will draw defenders eyes) and it will allow you to get an extra block out at the point of attack. In addition, when defenses don’t run with or keep up with the motion player, that means the motion player will be almost always open on a pass. Here are 4 ways to utilize jet motion in your offense:

Jet Sweep 

The Jet Sweep is the best play in youth football. Many high schools, colleges, and even NFL teams have started implementing Jet Sweep. Jet Sweep has your player come in full speed motion as he takes the handoff. The best thing about Jet is that you only have to block 2-3 defenders in order to gain big time yardage. There aren’t many plays that only require you to block 2 defenders. Jet motion will force the defense to adjust to the fast motion or they will get beat. Giving your best athletes the ball on Jet Sweep will get him the ball in space quickly and force the defense to open field tackle.  This will now leave them open for a complementary run off of jet action or they will be open to get beat by a play-action pass. Jet is easy to install and it is a play that every team should have in their playbook.

Get your athletes the ball in space very quickly. This play is great because you only have to block 2-3 defenders!!

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Jet motion is full speed motion that will force the defense to adjust or get beat by plays ike Jet Sweep. After you gut the defense with jet sweep the defense will open themselves up for complementary plays off of Jet Sweep action. Jet motion can be implemented in any formation. Whether you run Power or Iso, you can always just send a player in motion to create some horizontal stretch. In addition, sending a player across in a full speed motion will draw defenders eyes. So many times kids will get caught up watching the motion, which will slow down their reaction time. What we love to do is run our Wedge and QB Iso off of jet motion. We’ll send a player in motion to draw eyes, then we’ll run inside or the opposite way with counters and reverses.  It’s critical that players understand that jet motion timing needs to be fast.


Wedge off of Jet Sweep action is one of the best interior plays in football.

Inside Zone off of Jet Action 

Another great way to utilize jet motion is to run IZ off of jet sweep action. A good jet motion fake will draw the eyes of the defenders, making the Inside Zone Read go for big yardage.

Numbers and Leverage Advantage 

On the youth football level many defenses will not adjust to the motion which means you will have the numbers advanage at the point of attack. We love to motion a player to across and have him lead block. If the defense doesn’t roll or adjust to the motion that means we will have an extra blocker. Then after a while the defense will overshift and then we’ll go with a counter or reverse off of jet motion. Offense is all about getting numbers at the point of attack and Jet Motion will allow you to do just that.

Jet Motion Lead Toss 

Defense doesn’t adjust to the motion, ultimately giving us an extra blocker at the point of attack.

Throw to the Jet Motion Player 

Most youth football defenses do not run with or keep up with the motion player so that means he’ll be wide open when you send him out on a pass. We’ll jet motion our player across and have him run right into the flat. Most of the time he’ll be wide open. You could also jet motion the player out as a receiver and throw him the ball. We have a coach watch to see how or if they are adjusting to our motion. When he sees they aren’t running with him, we’ll throw him the football.

Jet Motion Player in the Flat (Speed out) 

No defenders runs across with the motion player, so he’s wide open. It’s almost too easy.

Download: Tackle-Over Jet Wing T Video Playbook