33 Stack Defense Twist Blitz

33 stack blitz

This 33 stack defense twist blitz play is an excellent  play that sends more defenders than the offense can block. What I like about this play is the linebackers are stacked over the defensive linemen. The stack look is very frustrating for offensive linemen because they will not know which defender is going to attack/blitz.

33 Stack Defense Twist Blitz

N: Strong side A-gap (TE Side).

RT: Slant down to B-gap.

LT: B-gap.

M: Weak side A-gap. Pass: man to man coverage with (HB)

RB:  Slant out to C-gap.

LB: Flow C-gap, Contain.

R: Edge rush, contain.

L: Contain.  Pass: man to man with (S).

C: Man to man coverage with (X). If it is a run play, support contain.

C: Man to man coverage with (Z). If it is a run play, support contain.

S: Run support, take a good angle, last line of defense. Man to man with (Y) (tight-end). Make sure your safety cheats over to his man to man coverage assignment. The safety has to cover a lot of ground.

Tip: Have your blitzing (R) cross the face of the TE to help slow down a quick tight-end dump pass.  A dump pass can be very effective against this blitz. Make sure your kids do not show this blitz too early because the offense might be able to check into a blitz beating play.

Pass Coverage Assignments

33 stack coverage

This 33 Stack Defense Twist Blitz play is a disguised blitz. Make sure your players do not give away that they are blitzing too early. This defense is very tricky and difficult to block. Since there are only 3 down linemen you will usually have two linebackers blitz, making it a 5 man rush.  The 33 stack gives you the option to only rush 3 or 4 players, committing the rest to coverage.

This defense is excellent against spread teams. It will allow your defense to adjust easily to a spread formation.  Since there are 5 linebackers you can commit one to spy an opposing QB that loves to run.  This defense can be very effective with both man to man and zone coverage.

When you execute this 33 Stack Defense Twist Blitz, make sure your players blitz! Meaning, when they are called to blitz, they need to rush hard on ball movement.  You can live by the blitz and you can die by the blitz.  I am mostly a 53 guy, but I do like the 33 stack defense very much.

Let us know how this 33 Stack Defense Twist Blitz worked for you.


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