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A blog by Mark K from LeagueAthletics.com.

How are you managing your football organization? Still using paper forms? Maybe you’ve made the switch to online registration, but you have four different contracts with four different service providers. Website, email, online registration, scheduling, etc.

When you’re running a football program you should be focusing on your players, not managing spreadsheets. Finally, there’s a solution for football commissioners everywhere, LeagueAthletics.com. It’s the best, and easiest way to manage your football program online. We integrate your website, online registrations, communication, team management, and scheduling.

With League Athletics  you can create a custom football website and collect online registrations. The best part is, we don’t charge any additional fees for online registration. You can do as many or as few as you want. As a registrar you can also collect birth certificates and player photos during the registration process. Once your players are registered, add them to team rosters and start communicating via email and text message directly from your site. Each team gets their own team page so coaches can login, print their roster, and communicate with parents and players. We even include a Game RSVP function that allows coaches to email parents and players to see if they’ll be at the next team event. Coaches can login and view replies so they know who will be in attendance. Optionally, add game scores and player statistics that you can download into excel documents later.

We also provide document storage and picture upload space! LeagueAthletics.com is the complete online management solution for your football organization. From local clubs, to regional footballleagues and conferences, LeagueAthletics.com is the best way to manage your football program online.

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