Cross Blitz out of the 4-3 Defense

This cross blitz out of the 4-3 Defense is a great blitz for youth football. It is a run blitz designed to defend against the off-tackle and sweep play. It is easy to install and it confuses the offensive line. It will force them to look, then react, rather than just getting off of the football and blocking. The slanting will almost always give you a free rusher.

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How to Utilize the Stack Formation in the Passing Game

One of the best things you can do to a defensive back is to make them think and make decisions after the snap of the ball. While making players think about their alignment before the snap of the ball is great, when you force defenders to make choices after the ball has been snapped it […]

Building a Complete Running Back

There is so much more to playing running back than just carrying the football. Running with the football is only one aspect of playing the position.

Empty Motion-Simple Ways to get the Ball to Your Playmakers in Space

The goal of any offense, especially a Spread to Run Offense, is to get the ball to playmakers in space. By creating space around playmakers, the ball carrier has more room to make something happen.