Cross Blitz out of the 4-3 Defense

This cross blitz out of the 4-3 Defense is a great blitz for youth football. It is a run blitz designed to defend against the off-tackle and sweep play. It is easy to install and it confuses the offensive line. It will force them to look, then react, rather than just getting off of the football and blocking. The slanting will almost always give you a free rusher.

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Creating Alignment Conflict for the Defense with the Trio Formation Series

The Trio Formation is one of the hardest formations in football to defend. If you have the personnel, I personally think this formation causes more issues to a defense than the traditional Trips formation.

Responsibilities of a Youth Football Coach | Coaching Youth Football

Coaching youth football is a fun, challenging, and an absolute amazing experience.  Seeing kids progress throughout the season as football players & individuals is the most satisfying element.

Running Back Screen Pass Play | RB Slip Screen

The Running Back Slip Screen is an explosive play that beats the blitz. This Running Back Screen Pass Play takes practice, but once your players get it down, it will be one of your best plays.