2015 Coaching Resolutions

2015 Coaching Resolutions

 2015 Coaching Resolutions

Another year of coaching football is in the books. The off-season is the time when coaches need to become better at their craft.  At the conclusion of every football season I will reevaluate the past season. I evaluate what we did well and what we could have done better. Below are my new years resolutions:

Coaching Clinics

In 2014 I only attended one major coaching clinic (Glazier) and one smaller local coaching clinic. Heading into 2015, I will be attending more coaching clinics. Every time I attend a coaching clinic I learn something new. Larger coaching clinics like Glazier have very good speakers. Larger clinics are also great ways to network with other coaches. Networking is a great way to talk some X’s & O’s and to just learn some new ideas. I will be attending coaching clinics regarding No huddle. We do no huddle probably more than 80% of the teams we face but I’d like to grow our no huddle pace and strategy.

No Huddle

This season I’d like to utilize the no huddle at least 90% of the time. We are usually around 50%-60%, it would depend on the game situation.  I am currently working on new ideas for implementing the no huddle. I want to come up with some new verbal and visual ways to call our plays. Our current no huddle strategy has worked very well, but it is time for some freshening up.

Benefits of the No Huddle:

  • Control the pace of the game.
  • Call the right play vs the defensive alignment you are getting.

Practice Optimization

I am always looking for ways to optimize practices. A productive practice begins with a plan. Every head coach should create practices plans & scripts for every single practice. Networking with other coaches is an excellent way to learn some new ideas regarding practice.  My goal this off-season is to learn and implement some new drills. Again, I want to freshen things up a little bit.

Spring Practices

I’d love to get my team out early in the spring to start working on plays and our overall philosophy. It looks like I will be taking on a brand new group of kids again this season. I would love to get a jump on evaluating and getting to know the kids and parents. I am going to look into getting my team into a 7 on 7 league this spring.


The game of youth football has become safer. Even though the media exaggerates a bit on concussions, leagues are adjusting their rules and certifications. In 2015, my goal is to come up with some fresh non-contact drills. I’d like to come up with some creative form tackling drills. I am not saying we are not going to do live tackling, but I want to start every practice with form tackling and non-contact tackling drills. My goal is to also create more competitive and some new live tackling drills. We are also going to be doing a lot more blocking &  block destruction drills.

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