Tornado Blitz | 4-2-5 Defense

This tornado blitz is executed out of the 4-2-5 defense. This blitz takes away the field and forces the offense to the boundary. This play takes away half of the field. This blitz utilizes a twist stunt by the (M) middle linebacker and (E) defensive end. The (MB) monster back also comes off of the edge.

Toss Sweep Series for Youth Football

The Toss play is one of the best plays in football for a coupe of reasons. For one, Toss will allow you to get your athletes the ball in space very quickly.

5 Menacing Blitz Packages out of the 4-3 Defense | Zone Blitzes

Zone blitzing is something that I feel isn’t utilized very much on the youth football level. It’s a very underrated and under-utilized coverage/ blitz scheme.

5 Great Passing Concepts out of Double Tight-end Formations

When offenses come out in a Double Tight-end formation everyone thinks ‘ground and pound’. However, there are several great passing concepts out of double tight-end formations.