Stopping the Run With The “Deuces” Blitz

Stopping the Run With The”Deuces” Blitz

This Deuces blitz play attacks the A-gaps and B-gaps with the defensive tackles slanting inside and the inside linebackers slanting outside to the B gaps.  This blitz play will confuse the offense’s blocking scheme and will completely destroy offensive lines with no blocking rules.  This blitz is execute out of the 44 defense with a 3rd deep zone coverage. This play works well against the wedge play.  We will call this blitz against teams that love to try and pound us with the wedge play. This blitz is very easy to implement. It can be installed in minutes

Defensive Tackles (T): Both defensive tackles line up head up on the offensive guards and slant hard to the A-gaps on ball movement. It is important that the defensive tackles rip through the guards-ripping through the guards inside shoulders.

Defensive Ends (E): Have C-gap responsibility. They must anchor the C-gap, not chasing play laterally. Chasing laterally will create room for cut-back/counter plays.

Inside Linebackers: The inside linebackers will line up stacked behind the defensive tackles.  The inside linebackers will blitz the B gap on ball movement.  They must watch the ball and blitz hard on ball movement.  When defenders are blitzing they better blitz hard. Lazy blitzes will usually not work out very well for the defense.  Attack on blitzes.

Outside Backers: The outside linebackers must contain. They must keep their outside shoulder free and force any play inside to the pursuing defenders.

Cornerbacks: Will play deep 3rds. 7 yards off the line of scrimmage. You could play man to man coverage as well.

Safety: Deep middle 3rd. 12 -15 yards deep. You could play man to man coverage as well.

Coaching Points:

  • Attack on ball movement. No lazy blitzing.
  • Rip through all blocks, do not go around blocks.
  • Do not over-blitz. Live by the blitz you die by the blitz.
  • Every good against inside running plays.

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