Spread Offense “Twins” 21 Trap

This 21 trap play is an excellent play out of the spread offense.  This formation will spread the defense out horizontally which will create natural running inside. The jet motion will also force the defense to widen.  It’s critical that the jet motion player carries out a good fake. After you hit the defense with a few jet sweeps you will open up the inside trap play.

Spread Offense “Twins” 21 Trap

Skilled Position Blocking Rules:

1: Take snap, hand to (2), carry fake to the right.
2: Take hand-off, cut-off (RG) kick-out block.
3: Full speed jet motion, fake sweep.
4: Stalk block defender, or run off (vs. press man).
R: Stalk block defender, or run off (vs. press man).
L: Run off cornerback.

Linemen Blocking Rules:

RG: Pull, kick-out first defensive linemen past the (LG). Aiming point is the inside hip if the defender.
RT: Inside-over free.
C: Block back-side A gap defender.
LG: Step inside and cut-off.
LT: Work onto linebacker.

Coaching Points

  • Motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped.
  • Motion timing does vary depending on player speed and age. You on it during practice.
  • (3) coming in motion must fake jet sweep.
  • (RG) is trapping the first defensive linemen past the (LG).

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