Shotgun Wing T Fly Sweep

Shotgun Wing T Fly Sweep vs. 53 Defense

The Shotgun Wing T Fly Sweep is a very explosive play. The fly sweep allows you to get outside very quickly. Once the defense starts over playing your fly sweep then you can hit them with a play off the fly sweep. This play is the fly sweep to the TE side.


Backside lineman cross face and cut off any linebackers flowing to the ball. Play-side tackle must secure play side B gap. The play side guard must pull outside (past the tackle) looking to block the first defender outside the wing-back’s crack block on the DE (usually an outside linebacker). The tight-end must pull out and block the cornerback. The play-side wing-back cracks the play side defensive end, allowing our RB in motion to gain the edge. The left wing back comes in motion full speed taking hand off from QB.The motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped. The QB hands the football to the wing-back coming in fly motion. The QB then carries out the option fake with FB as pitch back.

As an offensive coach I’ve always implemented a fly motion series, I suggest doing the same. Defenses will struggle to stop this play at the youth level, and when they do start to slow it down – hit them with a play off it. The motion will force the defense to adjust or get beat.

Get the Shotgun Wing T paperbook playbook.

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