Player Performer of the Week- Brad Lomax

Player Performer of the Week – 9/21/14

 Player Name: Brad Lomax

Age: 13

Position: OL/DL

Team Name: Minutemen

State: NJ

We are proud to announce our newest performer of the week Brad Lomax.   Brad played his first game of the season this past weekend and had a stellar performance.  He was all over the field on defense, making tackles, sacks and causing turnovers. One of the fumbles Brad caused was actually returned for a touchdown.  He also had an excellent game on the offensive side of the football. He had two key blocks that lead to scores and a bunch of pancake blocks.

Tackles: 12

Sacks: 2

Forced Fumbles: 2

Pancake Blocks: 7

Here is what Brad did in the week leading up to the game:

He eats a carbs and protein diet that has helped him stay alert and strong on the practice field and even in the classroom.  Leading up to the season Brad worked very hard on his strength and quickness with his father.  Brad’s goal coming into the first game was to try to be the best leader he can be. He prides himself on leading verbally and more importantly leading by example. Brad was very humble after his dominating performance. He gave a lot of credit to his running backs. Brad’s team has an excellent offensive line and an excellent backfield. This team is going to be good.

If you would like to nominate a player for our performer of the week feature visit-  Performer of the Week Page to submit your nomination.

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