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Spinner T Football Playbook Series (E- Playbook 24 pages) Download it now!

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The Spinner T Playbook is a series of youth football plays that work off fly motion. Every play will complement each other and set each other up. Here are the reasons why the Spinner T is a successful youth football offense:

  • Series bases scheme, all plays look alike
  • Easy youth football blocking scheme
  • Fly motion will confuse the defense
  • Great deception with the motion and the QB turning is back to the defense (spinning),hard for the defense to locate the ball
  • Flexible line splits-spread the defense out or go with tighter splits (coaches preference)
  • Short shotgun snap-safe and easy
  • Having shotgun snap will make the QB a running threat as well
  • Complete nightmare for defenses to prepare for
  • Easy to implement
  • Can attack all areas of the field easily
  • Fun- coaches, parents and players will love it
  • Play book is fully designed for youth football

Spinner T Playbook






Included in this playbook:

  • Hole numbering system
  • Positioning
  • Two formations
  • Proper line splits
  • Blocking scheme
  • Snap count and fly motion timing
  • Play calling progression
  • Play calling Vs soft and loaded boxes
  • Play diagrams and descriptions against various defenses

This Spinner T Playbook is designed for youth football. It is a series based scheme, which can attack all areas of the field. The motion will allow your running back to receive the hand-off running full speed. This will allow you to attack the edge of the defense even if you do not have the fastest players. The motion will also add deception to the offense. This is a HIGH POWERED offense that will be a complete nightmare to stop. It is an offense that I have used before with much success. The spinning quarterback only adds to the deception of this offense. If the defense cannot locate the ball, they are in for a long game.  The Misdirection is golden in youth football.

Good Luck!

Original Price $15.99 Special Price: $14.99

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