Offensive Philosophy for Football

Football Offense Philosophy

Offensive Philosophy for Football

Just because we are on offense, doesn’t mean we cannot be physical!

The # 1 goal of our youth football offense is to control the line of scrimmage. When we control the line we will control the game.

We will be a superior blocking team. We will execute our trap, crack, and lead blocks with great power, aggression, and technique. We will pride ourselves on being great blockers. We will practice proper techniques and blocking assignments for each play every practice. We will frequently change up our snap counts, so that defenses cannot time our snap.  THE SUCCESS OF OUR OFFENSE DEPENDS ENTIRELY ON OUR OFFENSIVE LINE’S ABILITY TO BLOCK THE OPPOSING DEFENSE. 

We will be known as an offense that can attack every area of the field. We will make defenses have to prepare for every aspect of offensive football. We will pound the ball off tackle using our superior down blocking and kick-out scheme. We will attack the edge of the defense, using our hook and crack schemes. We will have an effective passing game. We will use our powerful running game to set up our passing game. We will hit defenses with multiple play-action passes and combination routes, causing confusion in their defensive secondary and linebacker levels.

We will block physically. We will run the football physically. We play at a relentless pace. We will physically wear defenses down with our series based scheme. We will not turn the football over.  Most of all we will always have the desire to win and to never quit or let our teammates quit.

Offensive Philosophy for Football Points  Focus: 

  • Control the line of scrimmage.
  • We will be a superior blocking team. We will master our blocking rules and techniques.
  • We will outflank and utilize angles when blocking the defense.
  • “Up tempo”- everything we do will be fast.
  • We will carry out all fakes.
  • We will be known as an offense that can attack every area of the field.
  • We will make every extra point attempt, both kicking (2pt) and scoring (1pt).
  • We will execute our offense with great effort, attitude, and toughness-just because we are on offense doesn’t mean we cannot be physical.
  • Every single player on the team will spend time on the OL.
  • We will use our no huddle to call the right play  almost every time.
  • We will not turn the ball over.

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