New Football Coaches- Clearly Defining Your Mission

If you’re a first or second year football coach, it’s highly likely you’re excited for the new season.  For all coaches, it is important to clearly define the mission that is hoped to be accomplished for the year. As a new football coach, you have inherited high expectations on and off the playing field. Expect challenges along the way but one thing must stay consistent – you must set a positive example for your team, their parents, and your assistant coaches.

Keep these tips in mind as you navigate through the start of your season:

  • Be organized. Have spreadsheets prepared with scheduling.
  • Define roles. Everyone involved in kids football has a specific duty to make this season a success. Kids must attend practice on-time, parents must adhere to a set of parent conduct rules, and so on.. Be clear with what you want from all.
  • Use an efficient practice routine, get the most out of your kids during practice time. Be productive, kids should never be standing around waiting.
  • Recognize the reasons why you are coaching.You want to lead the instructional development of kids playing football. You want to set the right examples for kids as they subconsciously learn life lessons. And you want to create a safe, structured and fun environment for these kids to be introduced to the game of football.
  • You want to ensure that you and your coaching staff are teaching proper tackling technique , concussion prevention, and other safety measures.
  • Act without favoritism, with respect for your players. Reward those kids that go the extra mile with extra playing time.
  • Employ a high tempo offensive scheme, this will ensure an exciting season of play.
  • Lead buoyant practices.
  • Be communicative with parents. If they have a question as to why their son is not playing, explain to them why.
  • Understand it isn’t about you- it’s all about the development of the team.
  • Encourage proper nutrition. Eating fast food will likely adversely affect performance on the field, and you do not want this.
  • Encourage hydration, not chemical laced energy drinks- go for water.
  • Keep in mind, you’re coaching kids and their objective is to have fun.

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