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Misdirection Football Play- 26 Cross

Misdirection Football Play

This misdirection football play works exceptionally well in youth football.  In youth football deceptive plays are your best chance for success. This misdirection play will be executed out of the split back formation. You can click to download our FREE split back offensive playbook.

Wing Right 26 Cross

C: Block head up defender. If there is no head up defender, center will step play-side and cut off defenders running to the football. If he is getting double A-gap defenders, the center will block the back side A-gap defender (defender opposite of the play-side).

RG: Get onto middle linebacker. If there is no inside or head up defender.

RT: Block the head up defender (will double team with (4) back). You can also have the tackle hit the DT, then release onto a linebacker.

LG: Pull, kick out defensive end.  The aiming point of the pulling guard is the inside hip of the defensive end.  The pulling player really needs to get out there and aggressively attack the DE.

LT: Block head up defensive tackle. If there is no defender in his inside gap or over him, he needs to get onto a linebacker.

PS TE:  Play-side tight-end needs to take a wider split. Have your TE line up an extra foot wider. This will help bring the DE out wider, creating space inside and making an easier kick out block for the pulling guard.  The TE will engage the DE, then get onto the outside linebacker.

BS TE: Back-side tight-end will block the defensive end, then look to block defenders pursuing to the football.

1 QB: The QB will open opposite side, faking to the 3 back, then he will turn and hand off to the 2 back.  The QB does not have to over fake to the 2 back. With the QB opening up this to the 2 back side it will make the defense step that way anyway.

2: Jab step, explode and take hand-off behind the double team block and pulling guard.  Have your running back jab and lean. As the guard crosses in front of him the RB will explode and take the hand-off, cutting off of the guards kick out block.

3: Fill voided a gap. The running back will explode, fake taking a hand-off and fill the gap where the pulling guard once was. Have the 3 back cheat up a little bit.

4: Crack down on DT. If the defensive tackle is two far inside you can have the 4 back just lead block through the hole.

This is a great misdirection football play This play will take a couple of reps to get down, but once they do get it, this misdirection play will be big.