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I Formation Power Lead with Kick-out

I formation power lead

I Formation Power Lead 

This  I Formation Power Lead features two tight-ends, one wing-back, and a fullback off-set to the right. This is a very strong formation that will make the defense defend both the right and left side. The strong side of this formation is the right side, where the wing-back is.  Having another tight-end to the left will make the defense defend that side as well. If they over shift/over play to the wing side you can run the lead to the left side.  This I Formation Power Lead is easy to implement.

(C): Will block any head up players, if there are no head up defenders, block backside A gap.

(RG): Double team play-side defensive tackle with offensive tackle-unless the guard has a defender inside or over him (watch for blitzing linebackers). Mix up snap counts to get some tells on linebackers.

(RT): Double team play-side defensive tackle with the RG.

(LG): Pull and kick out the defensive end or last defender on the line of scrimmage.

(LT): Block down.

(LTE): Block down.

(RTE): Secure inside gap. If there is no inside defender the TE must block any defender over him. If there is no defender over, get onto linebacker.

(1): Open up to the right hand-off to (2) to the 6 hole. The QB needs to get depth into the backfield and meet the (2) over by the 6 hole. The running back should not have to alter his aiming point (his path) to get the hand-off. The RB should never be bellying to the QB.

(2): Take hand-off at 6 hole, follow fullback’s lead, cut off the block.

(F): Lead block through 6 hole. Fullback must always keep his head up, looking to block from the inside-out. This is in case a linebacker blitzes past the double team through the B gap.

(WB): Cross face of defensive-end, get onto linebacker. If you have a tough C-gap defender you can have the wing crack block him.

Power Lead vs 62 wide Tackle.

I formation Power Lead vs 62


Coaching notes

  • Make sure the pulling guard explodes out of his stance. They cannot belly into the backfield, they must stay parallel to the line of scrimmage (follow the red path lines in the play diagram). The aiming point is the inside hip of the defender the guard is kicking out.
  • Make sure the QB gets the (2) the ball in the backfield. This will allow the (2) to see and cut off his blocks.  Clean exchanges are vital.
  • If they have a nasty c-gap defender you can crack him with the wing-back.
  • I Formation Power Lead is very easy to install.