Free Speed and Agility Camp # 2

football teaches physical education

Free Speed and Agility Camp

This Saturday we are having another speed and agility camp. We were able to get a local speed and agility coach to volunteer for this camp. This should draw more parents/kids to the camp.

Here is what we want to accomplish with this free football camp:

Drive Signups

We want to use this free camp to acquire additional sign ups. We also want to bring people that are on the fence to the field to try and get them to sign up.  We will use this free football camp to expose new players to the sport of youth football.











Evaluate Players

This will be an excellent chance for our coaches to check out our player’s athletic ability. We will implement drills that will develop speed, explosiveness, coordination and agility. We will also do some drills to work route running and catching the football.

Meet the Parents

This will be great opportunity to meet some of the parents. The head coaches on each level will be responsible for socializing with the parents. It is crucial that we make a positive impression on the parents.

Develop Excitement

We want to execute an organized and fluent football speed and agility camp. It is vital that all the coaches are on the same page. The camp not only needs to look good to impress the parents, but we need to get the kids excited as well.

Develop Speed and Agility

We want to give the kids a good workout. We want the kids to learn the drills so that they can do them at home. We will be printing out pamphlets with diagrams of the speed and agility drills. We will be handing out nutrition and hydration information as well.


3 cone

4 cone


Speed circuit

Wave drill

Route running station

40 yard dash

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