Developing Consistency on Offense

developing consistency on offense

Developing Consistency on Offense


Successful execution comes with repetition. All youth football plays need to be rep’d every single practice. The offensive linemen must understand their blocking assignments while the backfield must execute their assignments. Also, should a starting skilled position or lineman go down, backup players must know what they are doing. Time after time I see offenses fall apart when starting players have to come out and backups have to go in.

Calling the Right Plays

Having a successful offense in youth football requires you to call the right plays.  If you call a sweep play, and the defense is stacked outside to defend the sweep- why waste a play and run into the defense?  You have to call a play where the offense has the best chance for success. Have coaches watch the opposing defenses to see how they are reacting to your plays. We have coaches watch the opposing defensive ends and secondary.

Calling the Right Plays (No Huddle)

My team uses a great deal of no-huddle throughout the game. This helps us tremendously with our offensive consistency as it allows us to call the right plays vs the defensive look we are seeing.  We attack where we outnumber or outflank the defense.  If you call a play make sure you have some kind of check out in case the defense is aligned to stop the play.  The only time you get away with bad play calling is when you have a stud team or running back that will bail you out. Using the no huddle will take away the “guess play calling”. The no huddle not only aids play calling, it also controls the tempo of the game. You can go fast or you can even slow the game down.

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Have a good offensive series of plays. When you have a series of plays each play will set up another play.  For example, with my Wing T Jet Series Playbook, our jet sweep is our bread and butter. Once a youth football defense starts overplaying the jet sweep,  it opens them up for our trap, power, counter and waggle.  If you have a good deceptive system of plays the defense will block themselves. Deception will make the defense watch in stead of just reacting and playing downhill.


Consistency starts in practice. Be consistent in practice. Be consistent in everything you do in practice.  Plays need to be executed smoothly and quickly in practice. Multiple reps need to be given to all players.  Again, it is vital that backup players get reps. If a starter or two has to come out the game the offense shouldn’t fall apart. Have practice scripts, be organized, and efficient.

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