Buck Sweep Play with Short Motion

Buck Sweep is one of the best plays in football. It will allow you to work blocking angles. Buck Sweep is a great complement to Rocket Sweep. The short motion will make the defense think it’s Rocket Sweep. The Rocket action will force the defense to widen, giving us an easy kick-out at the point of attack.

Toss Sweep Series for Youth Football

The Toss play is one of the best plays in football for a coupe of reasons. For one, Toss will allow you to get your athletes the ball in space very quickly.

5 Menacing Blitz Packages out of the 4-3 Defense | Zone Blitzes

Zone blitzing is something that I feel isn’t utilized very much on the youth football level. It’s a very underrated and under-utilized coverage/ blitz scheme.

5 Great Passing Concepts out of Double Tight-end Formations

When offenses come out in a Double Tight-end formation everyone thinks ‘ground and pound’. However, there are several great passing concepts out of double tight-end formations.