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Youth Football Online Selects QB Brett Gerlach

Name: Brett Gerlach

State: Pennsylvania

Position: QB/LB

Favorite NFL Team: Steelers

Favorite College: Penn St. University

Goal: Make a playoff run

Preferred Superpower: Super Strength – Speed – Smarts

Favorite Food: Corn

Meet Brett Gerlach, our newest YFO All-star. At 10 years old, Brett is an intelligent dual threat QB. What stands out most about Brett is his ability to throw the deep ball. He throws with excellent distance and accuracy with the ability to hit his receivers in stride. He has good technique and a strong desire to get better- 2 ingredients necessary for football success. As a quarterback, Brett can make every type of throw. He has an excellent arm for his young age.

Besides having a great arm- Brett is also able to beat you with his feet. He is able to attack the edge of the defense very quickly. Brett is always fighting for extra yardage and is always keeping his feet moving; he runs hard! Further showcasing his skills, Brett is able to run double option from the shotgun.

QB Brett Gerlach

Brett’s favorite aspect of playing QB is throwing the football. His favorite play is a play-action passing play called “Fly”. He explained that he fakes to the running back and hits one of the double fly patterns.

Brett loves to play offense, but he does play linebacker on defense. He enjoys playing linebacker because it is the leader of the defense. He does a nice job of setting up the defense and calling out the strong side of the formation.  In order to play linebacker Brett said, ” You have to be tough mentally and physically”. 

4 Questions with Brett Gerlach:

(1) It is difficult to juggle school and football? No, it’s not that hard. I will make sure I have my homework and studying done before football practice. 

(2) What has youth football taught you?  A new way of feeling. 
• Need to be both mentally and physically tough.
• Resiliency. Even if you are getting crushed, you need to go hard.
• Discipline. Football really disciplines you.

(3) Do you enjoy reading books? I love to read adventure books. I recently read ‘Woods Runner’, by Gary Paulsen.  With reading, you imagine it like you like it.

(4) How important is an education to you? School is pretty important, even if you get far in football, it is going to end sometime.  What will you fall back on?  It’s pretty important to have a good education.

A straight A student in accelerated classes, Brett takes his studies very seriously. He understands the importance of getting a solid education above all. We instantly recognized just how smart this child was during the initial moments of our interview. Brett works very hard each day on the football field and in the classroom. Brett’s goal is to be the starting QB for Penn State University, as majors in mechanical engineering.

QB Brett Gerlach practice


We asked Brett to give some advice for other youth football quarterbacks. Brett replied, “ You have to stay sharp. You have to be able to remember plays and you must be a leader.”

We were particularly impressed with Brett’s ability to speak with conviction. He is a young child on a mission to improve each day.

“A good coach really helps you in football, but a great coach helps you in football and in life. My coach is a great coach. Football would benefit you because it would teach you life lessons.”

 -Brett Gerlach on why all kids should play youth football. 

What separates good athletes from great athletes is work ethic. Brett is always thriving to improve. Even when it is baseball season he is practicing football.  During the warmer months as other kids are occupied in water, Brett is working out in the sand and practicing his drop backs.  He attends and impresses at football camps during the off-season.  This kid is only going to get better.  This year Brett won his local NFL pass, punt, and kick competition as a 10 year old in the 10-11 year old division.

Brett’s dad Dan explained, “The reason I want to nominate him for YFO All Star is not because of his natural talent, but for his work ethic and his drive to be the best (youth football) quarterback around.”We welcome Brett to the YFO All-Star football family. Congratulate this talented student athlete in the comments area below.