5-3 Defense Blitz “Pinch”

5-3 Defense Blitz “Pinch”

This pinch blitz out of the 5-3 defense will have the defensive line pinch inside, while the outside linebackers loop outside and have containment responsibility.  Basically, on this blitz the defensive end and the outside linebackers are just switching assignments.  On this play diagram it show both sides doing the pinch blitz. We do have a “RIP Pinch” & “LEO Pinch” call. Our “RIP Pinch” call will only have the right side defensive end and outside backer execute the pinch blitz. Our “LEO Pinch” call will have only the left side defensive end and outside linebacker execute the pinch blitz.

Nose Guard (N): We want him to penetrate strong side A-gap.

Right Tackle (T): Slant, penetrate B-gap.

Left Tackle (T): Slant, penetrate B-gap.

Right Defensive End (E): Slant, penetrate C-gap.

Left Defensive End (E): Slant, penetrate C-gap.

Right Outside Linebacker (LB): Loop around defensive end, become contain player.

Middle Linebacker (LB):  Read and react.  Depending on our opponent’s tendencies, personnel, or formations we can have the middle linebacker do a number of different things. You can also have him blitz . You can have him key the roll out of the QB. Or you can just have him read and react.  What we like to do is to have him go through his normal run & zone pass responsibilities/reads.

Left Outside Linebacker (LB): Loop around defensive end, become contain player.

Cornerbacks (CB): We will usually play a cover 3 behind this blitz because it is a little safer. Play-action passing plays can really beat this blitz if the offense is able to pick it up. So playing 3 deep behind is a safer coverage. Any time you blitz you do open yourselves up for big plays if the defense doesn’t get the job done.

Safety (S): Deep middle 3rd.  Middle of the field 12 yards deep.

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