3 Plays that Need to be in Your 2019 Playbook | Unbalanced Pistol Formation

3 Plays that Need to be in Your 2019 Playbook | Pistol Formation

Happy New Year Everyone! It is officially the off-season for most youth football coaches. The off-season is when coaches need to evaluate every aspect of their 2018 season. For me, I will re-watch every single game and evaluate our coaching based on play calling and execution.  We will do offensive, defensive, and special teams analysis. Last year we decided to install some Pistol.  We installed it right before playoffs and had some success with it. We very well may install the Pistol Formation again in 2019.

3 Plays that Need to be in Your 2019 Playbook

Jet Sweep

Pistol Jet Sweep

C: Step play-side block nose guard. If the center is getting double A-gaps, center blocks backside A-gap defender.

RG: Pull, look to block cornerback.

RT: Inside-Over-Free.  

LG: Inside-Over-Free.

LT: Inside-Over-Free.

TE: Inside-Over-Free.

1: Catch snap, hand to the (3) coming in jet motion. Carryout fake to the right.

2: Fake trap left.

3: Full speed jet motion after first sound, take hand-off, get outside.

4: Seal the defensive end. The (4) must work to gain and maintain outside leverage.

SE: Crack outside linebacker.

Coaching Points 

  • Motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped.
  • The (4) can cheat his split wider which will give him a better angle to seal the defensive end.
  • (2) needs to carry out a good fake, then look to block the backside.
  • Pulling guard needs to open his hips and get out there. Look to block the cornerback.
  • You have the option to move over the left tackle which will make it a true unbalanced/tackle-over formation. Last season we had a physical TE that was able to block so we didn’t need to bring over another tackle.

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Pistol Belly

C: Step play-side block nose guard. If the center is getting double A-gap defenders the center will block backside A-gap defender.

RG: Pull, kick-out defensive end. The puller’s rule is to kick-out the first defender outside the tight-end.

RT: Gap-Down-Backer.

LG: Inside-Over-Free.

LT: Inside-Over-Free.

TE: Gap-Down-Backer.

1: Catch snap, turn and hand to the (2). Carryout bootleg to the left.

2: Lateral step, take hand-off, cut inside of (RG)’s kick-out.

3: Full speed jet motion, carryout fake all the way outside. A good fake will force the defense to stretch horizontally, creating an easy kick-out for the (RG).

4: Lead block, look to block the outside linebacker.

SE: Stalk block. If you are seeing press man to man just have the SE run off the CB.

Coaching Points 

  • Aiming point for the kick-out is the inside hip of the defender the guard is kicking out. It’s important that the pulling guard pulls flat, then climbs so he can gut out the defensive end.
  • A good jet sweep fake is needed by the (3). This play needs to look like Jet Sweep.
  • Make sure your (2) is 3 yards behind the QB and that he takes a laterally step towards the 6-hole. It’s the QB’s job to get him the football. The running back should never come to the QB for the hand-off.

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Jet Pass 

Pistol Jet Pass


C: Block nose guard.

RG: Inside-Over pass block.

RT: Inside-Over pass block.

LG: Inside-Over pass block.

LT: Inside-Over pass block.

TE: Inside-Over pass block.

1:  Fake hand-off to the (2), roll out to the right while getting depth, look to hit the (3) in the flat. This play gives the QB the option to run the ball if he sees room or if the receivers are all coverage.

2: Fake belly right, then look to block up any interior penetration.

3: Full speed motion, continue into the flat. Run to the open field!

4:  Seal the defensive end, lead block for the rolling out QB. (4) must work to maintain outside leverage.

SE: Post-pattern, this should clear out the cornerback.

Coaching Points 

  • Motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped. The (3) must continue his route into the flat, run to the open field. Make the defenders chase the motion player.
  • This play is best called when you notice the defense isn’t running with or adjusting to the motion. If the defenders aren’t running with or keeping up with the motion, your motion player will be wide open.
  • Rolling your QB out will give him a run-throw option. This is a great way to utilize an athletic QB. If the QB sees the (3) is open hit him right away.
  • This play is best executed to the wide side of the field.

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