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3-5-3 Stack Defense- “Indy” Blitz Play

3-5-3 defense

“Indy” Blitz Play

The “Indy” Blitz Play out 3-5-3 stack defense is very deceptive. This defense has the linebackers stacked behind the defensive linemen. This will allow the defense to disguise who will blitz or stunt.  This defense features 3 defensive linemen, 5 linebackers and 3 secondary players.  This youth football defense is not very common in youth football (at least not in my league). Because this defense is uncommon, it could illustrate a problem for offenses that have not seen it before. This is an excellent inside run blitz. Every so often you should send the house and try to make a big play on defense.

This “Indy”  blitz play  has the defensive linemen slant inside and the linebackers blitz outside. In this case we have the defensive linemen slant down and the linebackers blitz outside. This creates a problem with the offenses blocking scheme. It will confuse the offensive linemen because they will have a defender shooting their inside gap and a defender shooting their outside gap. This blitz play is even more confusing because the linebackers are stacked behind the defensive linemen.

This “Indy” blitz play sends 8 defenders after the offense. With this blitz play all the gaps are being attacked and the offense will usually not have enough players to pick up this blitz.  This play attacks offenses that do not have blocking rules. Many times in youth football coaches will just have their kids “block the kid in front of them”. This blitz  play is very overwhelming.


Since this play has 8 total players coming, it only leaves 3 back.  I would suggest using cover 3 behind the blitz. With only 3 players left for coverage, man to man isn’t a good idea.  A tight-end dump pass works well against this blitz.  The flats will be wide open also. Rocket or jet sweep will destroy this blitz as well. If you look you can see all the defenders are blitzing inside the tight-end. This leaves the defensive ends as the only edge defenders. Since all 8 defenders are rushing inside there are no defenders left to pursuit the ball carrier.  If the offense gets past the first level, the defense is in trouble.

I love this blitz play. However, you can live by the blitz, but you can surely die by the blitz as well.

Good Luck!