Pursuit Drill

The Pursuit Drill is a drill we do every single practice. We’ll do this drill immediately following warm ups. The pursuit drill will teach our players how to align quickly to formations, what pursuit paths they need to take to the ball carrier, it will help develop the Swarm Mentality, and it is a great way to condition our athletes.

Shifting to Create Problems for the Defense

There’s an old story about the famous West Coast Offense that was created by Bill Walsh. In the early years of the offense one of the Tight Ends lined up on the wrong side of the formation.

Why Banning Tackle Football Before The Age of 12 Makes No Sense | Flag Football

I want to start out by saying that I do not hate flag football. I’ve coached spring flag football for almost as long as I have coached tackle youth football.

Crossfire Blitz out of the 3-4 Under Defense

The Crossfire Blitz out of the 3-4 under defense is a great way to take away the strength of the offense’s formation. This blitz is easy to install, but very difficult for the offense to block.