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A guest blog from our friends at, read about their efforts to reverse the growing childhood obesity trend:

Roughly one-third of children and teens in the United States are now overweight and obese. Childhood obesity is an epidemic, and if it is not soon reversed, this generation will be the first to not outlive their parents.


That’s why youth football programs are more vital than ever. Along with teaching kids the values of discipline and hard work, youth football tackles obesity by stressing good nutrition and keeping young people active.  The health and wellness skills youth players learn can last long after their football playing days end.

If you are involved in youth football, you are also part of the movement to reduce childhood obesity — and the team at is dedicated to helping you succeed.

At, we’re building an advocacy network of nearly 70,000 people dedicated to providing a healthier future for our nation’s children. But we also offer exclusive tools and services to people doing the important work on the ground to combat obesity — including as folks who coach or support youth football programs. is a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), so all of our services are offered at no-cost to our Leaders, including:

  • Access to our Map of the Movement, where you can find other people who care about reversing obesity in your community — and more than 70,000 nationwide
  • Access to our must-read newsletter The Inside Track, which features exclusive news from the childhood obesity movement and profiles of Leaders
  • Ability to add widgets to your website or blog
  • Blogger outreach and webinar hosting

But above all, Prevent Obesity is here to help you succeed in your efforts to get young people active and healthy through youth football. We can help you connect with other Leaders and provide one-on-one assistance when you need it.

Again, registering is free! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer relations manager Zach Brooks at 202-659-7710 ext. 15 or [email protected]



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