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Youth Football Online Selects YFO All-Star RB/CB Amir Bankhead

Amir Bankhead

Position: RB, CB

Age:  9

Offense: I formation

Defense:  43

Favorite Offensive Play:  I Formation 38 Toss

Favorite Aspect of Playing Youth Football: Tackling, Blocking, and Catching

Favorite NFL Player: Adrian Peterson

Favorite Food: Steak, Baked Potato, Salad

Favorite Class: Math

Youth Football Online announces the selection of Amir Bankhead to the YFO All-Star team. We first learned of Amir Bankhead at the Youth Football Online Facebook page, as he impressed us with his following post:

amir bankhead football

Amir has an enormous amount of football knowledge for his young age and works extremely hard during the offseason to get better.  He is a top tier student, carrying a 3.5 GPA and he continuously earns student of the month awards. Football teaches young Amir to prepare, and he does- he reads and does extra work to stay on top of studies.

We were impressed with Amir’s respectful responses during our interview- after each question by us was a sincere ‘thank you sir’. This is a soft spoken and gracious kid- though one thing is for certain- Amir’s play on the football field speaks volumes.


Amir is one of the best tackling youth football players I have ever seen. He is also fundamentally sound as a blocker. This kid tackles consistently with great form. He isn’t the biggest player on the field but he hits like a ton of bricks, and that’s no exaggeration. He tackles with his shoulder pads while keeping his head up.  He wraps up and drives his body through the ball carrier.  Amir’s tackling ability is remarkable, he is a sure tackler to the fullest extent.

Amir is super aggressive as well. He is able to read the play and fly up and make a tackle. He has a non-stop motor, he never gives up on the play. If you watch Amir’s defensive highlights below you will see the effort this kid plays with.   You cannot get to the ball carrier unless you are able to get off blocks. Amir does a fantastic job of getting off blocks and making tackles. He does not allow players to block him. He does a great job of using his hands and athleticism to beat blocks.

Amir also has great pass coverage. He is a smart kid that can recognize the pass and break a pass up or hit the receiver jolting the ball out. He plays great man to man coverage and is able to tackle consistently in space (open field).  He does a great job of tracking the ball when it is in the air. His athleticism, smarts, effort, and aggressiveness makes Amir an overall great defender. Why teams even run or pass to his side blows my mind. When you have such a dominating defender you are better off going the other way.

Defensive Video Highlights:


bankhead yfo all star

Amir is an explosive running back. He has great athleticism and goes hard on every play. He has great explosion out of his cuts. Amir plays down hill and has great vision; he cuts off blocks really well.  Amir’s great physical ability makes him really tough to tackle out in space. Amir always has his motor going full speed at all times. He does an excellent job of running through tackles and not stopping his feet on contact. Again, Amir is not the biggest kid on the field but he runs with great effort, attitude and toughness.  He is also catches the ball consistently, he is an all around youth football running back.

Offensive Video Highlights:

Special Teams

Amir is also a lights kickoff returner. He is able to field the kick  and make plays in the open field. There was not many high lights of his kick returns because teams kept it away from him. He is a dominating returner and every time Amir gets the ball in his hands it can go for six.

Amir Bankhead also plays basketball, soccer, baseball, and runs track to keep busy and stay in football shape.

Amir’s Training Regimen

  • Run up tall hills
  • Train using a parachute
  • Use a sled to train

We asked Amir if he had advice for other youth football athletes-his response:  ‘Always go hard and play as a team’. 

YFO: If you had one super power, what would it be?

Amir Bankhead:  I’d have super speed, because speed is power!

‘Youth Football Online made an excellent choice in choosing Amir Bankhead as a YFO All-Star.  He has humbleness that draws you in. This kid is an exemplary youth scholar athlete. His knowledge of the football is remarkable for a kid his age- he’s head and shoulders above the rest.’ – AAU Football League President Ron Bellamy

Amir is a talented football player and a dominant honor roll student. Outer space is the limit for this youth football athlete. We are proud to have him and his family as a part of our team.

yfo amir all star