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Youth Football Online All-Stars Selects Xavier Goldsmith

Name: Xavier Goldsmith

Xavier GoldsmithNickname: ‘Weapon X’

Position: CB/RB/ WR

Favorite NFL player: Darrelle Revis

Favorite College Team: Michigan State

Youth Football Offense: I Formation, Spread

Youth Football Defense: 4-4

Favorite Play: Wildcat-direct snap, and Counter

Benefits he reaps from playing youth football:  Meet new people, learns to communicate with others, learns teamwork  and work ethic

Favorite Food: Pizza

Meet Youth Football Online’s newest All-Star selection Xavier Goldsmith. Xavier is a gifted student athlete that plays multiple positions on offense and cornerback on defense. He lines up in the backfield as a RB and he will split out as a slot receiver.  He is a very versatile youth football athlete that has great physical ability along with great hand-eye coordination and balance. Every time Xavier touches the ball he is a threat to take it for 6.  While he may not be the biggest player on the field, he certainly plays the biggest.

‘Always going to be people that try to bring you down, even if you’re small- have a big heart.’ – Xavier Goldsmith

Xavier is a running back that runs the ball with great effort, attitude and toughness.

Xavier Goldsmith -Running BackHe hits the point of attack with great explosion and elusiveness.  He consistently breaks arm tackles and does a great job running through all the contact- he is awesome to watch.   I asked Xavier what is favorite aspect of playing running back? Xavier replied, ‘getting the ball and trying to make something happen, try to create a big gain for my team’. 

Xavier is an excellent receiver. His coaches do a solid job of implementing plays that utilize Xavier’s skills as an offensive playmaker. In the footage I analyzed, he would line up in the slot and work passing routes in space and use his explosive speed (5.3/40) to get separation from defenders. Xavier has excellent hands as well, this kid catches everything. What impressed me the most was Xavier’s knowledge of the game.  There were several occurrences where his quarterback got flushed out of the pocket because of pressure. Consistently Xavier recognized that his QB was in trouble and broke off his route to aid his QB.  There aren’t many youth football players that understand that they need to come back to the QB.  Very impressive.

I also noted what a great job blocking Xavier does. If he doesn’t have the football in his hands, he’s knocking a guy down with a great block.

Xavier Goldsmith’s dominance doesn’t end on the offensive side of the ball. He is an outstanding cornerback.  I asked Xavier what is his favorite aspect of playing defense?  Xavier replied, “ Hitting and tackling people and just having fun”.  He is a very aggressive defensive player- he has no problem coming up and playing the run. He also tackles really well in the box and in space. He tackles with great form and aggression. He plays defense with great emotion- he is always hyped up and ready to attack. What stood out to me was his hustle.  He is full go every single play, aggressively gets off blockers. He will not allow the offensive players to block him.   He is pretty deadly as kick and punt returner as well. Why a team would kick it anywhere near Xavier blows my mind.  There is one play that stood out to me on his 2011 highlight film: Xavier aggressively bit on a QB keep were the QB first faked to a running back inside then the QB bounced it outside.  Xavier bit on the play, but instead of putting his head down or giving up he ran the QB down and saved a touchdown.  It was a great effort play that show great desire and determination to never quit on a play.  This is a great example of effort and desire and I will use this clip and show my players. (4:40 check it out 2011 Highlights)

‘Kids are sitting home, I’m trying to get to the next level..’ -Xavier Goldsmith

Xavier’s talents aren’t limited to the football field, he’s also a great student. ‘Mom makes me read 30 minutes a day.. I read everything.’  said Xavier. His favorite subjects include social studies and history. The Goldsmith family understands the importance of studies; with sheer determination Xavier is able to maintain a 3.8 GPA.

Xavier’s 3 Tips For Youth Football Athletes

  1. Got to have good grades
  2. Be coachable
  3. Be dedicated, work hard for it

 ‘Xav is a kid with a chip on his shoulder. Every year he has to prove himself because he’s not the biggest, but his work ethic and his heart makes him the player he is. – Rashahn Goldsmith (Dad) 

Congratulations and welcome to the Youth Football Online All-Star family.