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Youth Football Online Selects All-star Cruz Montana

YFO All Star Cruz Montana

Name:  Cruz Montana

Age: 12

Team Name: Loggers

Position: QB

Favorite NFL Player:  Peyton Manning

Favorite College Team:  Stanford

Offense:  Wing T

Favorite Play:  34 Keep Pass

Game Day Ritual:  Eats Subway before games

Favorite Author: John Grisham

Youth Football Online selects quarterback Cruz Montana as YFO All-star. Cruz is an intelligent, highly skilled quarterback with a strong arm.  He is a very accurate passer that consistently puts the ball where it needs to be.  Cruz does an excellent job of throwing the deep ball with precise touch. He understands how to lead his receiver properly. Cruz stands tall in the pocket and has confidence in his arm.  Throwing on the run is is another weapon in Cruz’s arsenal. He does an exceptional job of squaring up while he throws the football on the move.

Overall assessment: Cruz Montana has a fantastic arm, can throw from the pocket and throws very well on the run.

Cruz is able to operate and manage a football offense with great efficiency.  Running the Wing-T offense- the plays appear fluent and fast hitting. His play-action passing game is explosive. Cruz does an excellent job of selling his fakes and getting the ball out of his hands accurately.  Cruz prides himself on winning in the toughest situations and takes on a very active leadership role. He pushes himself and his teammates hard in practice.  Cruz said during our interview- ‘I want to bring the team to greatness.  I don’t screw around in practice, try to get right down to business’. Cruz does not hesitate to credit his running backs and wide receivers for his team’s success. His team went undefeated last season and has only lost 2 games in the past 3 years.

Cruz Montana’s 3 tips for youth football players

  1. Always look to encourage your team.
  2. Never take a minute off at practice.
  3. In the offseason- work on your footwork whenever you have a chance.

If Cruz had one superpower it would be super speed because you can never be too fast!

Youth Football Online Cruz Montana

It’s all about work ethic. Cruz stays committed during the offseason. ’In the offseason I run ladders, practice drop-backs and my dad helps with mechanics’ says Cruz.  Dad periodically films workouts to evaluate form, running and throwing mechanics.  They will review film as well as share insights with a long time quarterback coach in their area, Mark Cory, for feedback and direction.  Dad Garett Montana speaks on Cruz’s offseason preparation- Cruz throws to anyone that is willing to run routes.  Sometimes he throws to his friends and teammates.  Last summer he threw mostly to former Eureka High School standouts, Jose Manzo and Casey McKenzie.  Cruz grew up watching them play, and now they love to be a part of his workouts as he develops his own football skills.” 

We found Cruz to be inquisitive.  As we sought to learn about him for this interview, he was equally interested to learn about us. His thirst for football knowledge is undoubtedly rare for his young age. His goal for the upcoming season is to go undefeated, get faster, and to keep improving as a passer.  View Cruz Montana’s 2013 highlight film:


FACT: Cruz Montana strives to be exceptional in the classroom. He’s a student athlete with a 4.0 GPA with great aspirations to attend Stanford University. 

English teacher Kristin Sobilo had this to say:

In addition to excelling on the football field, Cruz Montana is a solid young man.  He greets me every morning with a hug before the last bell, so he is on time to first period, and never forgets to end his day by thanking me for class- our 7th grade English class.  Cruz completes every assignment with the highest quality; scoring advanced on his reading and writing, he sets and achieves personal academic goals.  Everything I teach, Cruz is right there to demonstrate the skill.  A musician, student government representative, athlete, community server- our middle school is a beautiful place because he is there.

His enthusiasm for life is contagious, and he shares this enthusiasm with everyone around him. He treats his opponents with authentic respect, supported his teammate through the death of his grandfather and watches over his friend with a physical disability to make sure he arrives to class every day.  When this young man returned to class after a surgery at Shriner’s Hospital, Cruz was right there to help him as he healed.  He leads by example; he is this person because he truly believes in these actions, not to receive anything in return.  Cruz is one of a kind. He is a leader on the field and off-  sticking up for those who feel sad and emboldening them to rise up, as he makes the next play of the day. Nothing breaks him; he focuses on the skill and strives to achieve greatness at that action.  Impressive!  I am honored to stand amongst his teachers. The game of football is lucky to have this young man step on to its fields; he makes his teammates better at the game and better at life.