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Youth Football Online All-Star Selection – RB/QB/MLB Dominic Carter

Dom Carter youth football online all star

Name: Dominic Carter

Team/ Organization: Marlboro Wildcats- American Youth Football League

Position: RB/QB/MLB

Grade: 5

Favorite College Team: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Favorite NFL Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Play- Offense: 47 Jet Sweep Defense:  ALL Out (Blitz)

Hobbies: Reading

Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Goals: Win a league championship, train hard during the off season and become an NFL football player.

Meet our newest Youth Football Online All-Star selection- Dominic Carter. Dominic is not only a great youth football quarterback/running back, he is an excellent leader.  We first met Dom and his dad, Steve, at Todd Krueger’s QB training in Massachusetts and were immediately impressed with his athleticism.  Dominic spoke well and had a friendly demeanor.  His dad  talked proudly about Dom’s older siblings, 4 brothers and 2 sisters whom all play sports at an elevated level. The “Carter Clan” are siblings that have a strict focus on being top notch athletes while keeping academics a high priority.

Read about Dom’s oldest brother Josh Carter, he was recently named a Division 3 First Team All American. 

Dominic is a hard worker and is always trying to get better. After observing his play, it is apparent that this kid is an overall great athlete.  He’s one step above other kids in his age group. Dominic throws a nice ball and also catches every ball thrown his way.  His enthusiasm for the game really showed during the training session. This youth football athlete’s goal is to get better each day; he puts in the work.

Dominic is going to play running back this upcoming season as his coach wants to take advantage of his athleticism.  Dom played some running back last season and had great success due to his great size, speed, and attitude. Although Dominic is a great youth football player individually, he also has an understanding that football is a team sport. He is a very team oriented player- team always comes first.

Dominic was selected to play in the 2012 Offense-Defense Youth Football All-Star game in Dallas, Texas. Dom and his teammates had a great tournament. They won the 5th grade Offense-Defense National Championship. In 3 games Dominic threw 3 TD passes, ran for 1 TD, and scored 3 extra points. Dom Carter won the “Player of the Game” honors in the national title game.

Dominic Carter Youth Football Online All-Star

We asked Dominic to tell us what he has learned from playing youth football.  “I’ve learned teamwork and to never stop working hard”- Dom Carter.   Dominic also plays lacrosse for the Rising Stars, a select team.

“Education is #1” said Dominic Carter during our interview.  His teacher, Mrs. H, confirmed his statement-

“Dom is an excellent student who has a positive attitude towards learning.  He is motivated, respectful to his peers and teachers, attentive in class, follows directions, asks questions when not sure about something, has his class materials ready each day and is a friend to all students.  Last term he made the Honor Roll, all A’s.    I am very proud of him and he is a delight to have in my classroom.  I wish I had one hundred more students like him.” 

We asked Dom what he has learned from his older brothers- “All of my brothers have taught me something different. And they make me workout in the gym” said Dom Carter.

Here are some of Dominic Carter’s 2012 highlights: