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Youth Football Online All Star Selection- Zion Ward

zion ward

Name: Zion Ward

Position: RB/S

State: Pennsylvania

Age: 6

 Favorite Player: Barry Sanders

Favorite NFL Team: New England Patriots

Favorite Pregame Meal: Oat Meal and Banana

Favorite Class: GYM Class

Youth Football Online selects running back and safety Zion Ward as YFO All-star. Zion is an extremely explosive running back. What stood out most about Zion was his athletic ability. He has excellent speed and agility for his age.  Zion is able to make something happen out of nothing. Even at his young age, he is able to navigate through the defense and find the open lane.  He has fantastic athleticism and vision, all of which are traits of every dominate running backs.  If Zion gets into the open field, the defense is in some trouble.

Zion has great work ethic for his age. He is focused on getting better every single day. Zion plans on attending the University of Notre Dame Youth Football Camp in South Bend.  He also plans on attending the Detroit Lions Fundamental Camp in July.  Even at the age of 6, Zion has some goals for this upcoming season.  This season Zion will be moving up to the tackle football age level. Zion is very excited and is looking forward to another dominating campaign.

Zion’s Favorite Aspects of Football:

  • Making new friends.
  • Being a part of a team.
  • Scoring touchdowns.
  • Playing safety and not letting the offense score a touchdown.

Zion is not only an excellent running back. He is an outstanding defender. He is an aggressive kid that is able to make make stops in the open field. He loves getting to the ball carrier and preventing touchdowns. He uses his speed and confidence to get after the ball carrier. Zion is not only a rising football star, he is also an excellent wrestler.

Zion’s does not only dominate the football field. He prides himself on dominating the class room.  His main priority is school. He comes home and gets his homework and studies done before anything else. Zion loves to read, specifically the bible, regularly.

Zion has a strong supporting family base.  He also has two cousins that are excelled student/athletes. Rijo Walker, played safety for the Virginia Cavaliers and was also a team caption.  Rijo’s brother, Ricky Walker who is a 4-star defensive tackle recruit who committed to play at Virginia Tech this upcoming year.