Youth Football Online All-Star- RB/LB Elijah Preston

Name: Elijah Preston

Age Level: 7th grade

School GPA: 3.2

Position: Running Back/ Linebacker

League: Steel Canyon Cougars in San Diego, California

Favorite NFL player: Rashard Mendenhall and Jerome Bettis

Favorite College Team: Michigan

Youth Football Offense: Double Wing and Spread

Youth Football Defense: 4-3

Favorite Play: Jet/ Rocket sweep (getting the ball outside)

Least Favorite Drill: Circle of pride (run in circles for fifteen minutes)

Elijah Preston plays running back and linebacker for the Steel Canyon Cougars 7th grade team in San Diego, California. Elijah excels both scholastically and athletically; for these reasons he is our latest Youth Football Online All-Star selection.

Elijah Preston displays unique speed and strength on the football field. After watching his youth football game film, it’s apparent that he is athletically a notch above the competition. Elijah runs extremely hard, with great vision and power. He runs physically, understanding that just because you are playing offense doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a big hit. He not only has the power to run through tacklers, but has the speed to take it all the way. Elijah is really difficult to tackle inside and nearly impossible to tackle one on one in space.

Let’s not forget that he is a nightmare when playing defense.  He flies all over the field, getting off blocks and making solid tackles.

Talking to Elijah revealed his ambitions.  He is confident in himself as well as his offensive line that he can accomplish his set goals of 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns.  Defensively, he is aiming for 100 tackles.  Elijah is always trying to improve; he is consistently attending football camps. His ambition is not limited to the football field. Elijah’s objective is to get high grades in middle school and attend the Magnolia Science Academy.  His career goal is to become a veterinarian.

Interviewing Elijah I discovered that he has a high level of humility. It is rare
that such a dominant football player acts humble and respectful. That is a credit to his parents.
Check out Elijah’s highlight video from this past season. He is pretty good!

Elijah’s dominance is not only limited to youth football. He also excels in track and basketball. He runs the 100, 200 and 400 meters in track.

Elijah keep working hard towards your goals. The sky is the limit for your athleticism. Congratulations on being selected as a All-Star.

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