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YFO All-Stars Selects RB/CB Brandon Paredes

Brandon Paredes Football

Name: Brandon Paredes

State: Arizona

Position: RB/CB

Youth Football Offense: Double Wing

Youth Football Defense: 43

Favorite NFL Player: Barry Sanders

Favorite College Team: Arizona Wildcats

Favorite Book: ‘Things Not Seen’ by Andrew Clements

Desired Super Power: ‘Super speed, because it would be cool to travel around the world, on the football field to outrun everyone.’

Meet Youth Football Online’s newest All-Star selection Brandon Paredes. We spotted Brandon at the AYF Championship games in Florida, and were immediately impressed with his athleticism and poise on the football field. While his stature may be diminutive, his heart on the field is enormous. Brandon has a non-stop-motor and his presence is felt all over the football field. He plays football with extreme intensity; it’s his no fear attitude that makes him standout.

Brandon runs the football very hard, with great intent. He explained what it takes to play the running back position- ‘Always keeping your legs moving, don’t look back, keep your head up for vision and seeing the hole. And always trust your blockers.’

5 Questions with Brandon Paredes:

1. YFO: What does it take to be a good cornerback?

BP: You will need to be fast. You really have to work on your speed so you can keep up with the receivers. Also, confidence- you need to believe in yourself and always just compete. My points include:

  • Jam the receiver to knock him off his route, the QB will not have time.
  • It is important to stay side by side with the receiver, you have to stay on the wide receiver’s inside hip.
  •  I would suggest a cushion if the receiver is very fast. If you know you can handle them- then press, you can get into their route.

2. YFO: What does it take to be a great youth football player?

BP: A great football player must cooperate with teammates and trust them. Takes a lot of practice, hard work and perseverance. Every successful football player practices hard. Also, film study is important, our coaches had film of every game.

3. YFO: What life lessons have you learned playing youth football? 

BP: Give 110% no matter what. Anything can happen in a football game, wins and losses don’t matter, give all you can and see the outcome. Hard work pays off.

4. YFO: Your team made it to the AYF Championship game, what did it take to get there?

BP: Teamwork. We practiced 6 times a week for preparation. It took a lot of conditioning, can’t be tired on defense when an offense is running no-huddle.

5. YFO: What are your goals for next year?

BP: I would like to have at least 2 interceptions at cornerback & a little more touchdowns this year. Move up to Junior Midgets as it would be more of a challenge.

Brandon Paredes at AYF Championships

Brandon works with his dad on his rigorous training program. He’s a 7-time state champion in the Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do and has achieved black belt status. He understands that football is a physically demanding sport, by leveraging the training learned from martial arts and other sports, he is able to maintain an edge. Brandon also prefers pushups and sit-ups to stay fit.

‘You need to have good sportsmanship, and remember everything happens because of God.’ – Brandon Paredes

In Brandon’s life, school is of the utmost importance. Recently, Brandon has been recognized for academic excellence, achieving a 4.0 GPA. He enjoys his Math class for gifted students because it challenges him. Brandon’s favorite teacher is his GEM (Gifted Education of Marana) teacher because ‘he’s a smart guy that teaches many things’.

Brandon’s mom Nadya spoke about Brandon- He has a huge heart on and off the field. Brandon has the most amazing work ethic in school and on the football field. Brandon’s dad Oscar added, ‘Brandon’s heart is bigger than he is! He competed in TKD (martial arts) for 6 years, consumed a large portion of his day. He wakes up at 5am and starts his day. 

Click to view an awesome run by Brandon Paredes.

View Brandon’s Tae Kwon Do video: