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Youth Football Online Selects YFO All-Star Dontez Wiggins RB/WR/S

Dontez Wiggins Football

Name: Dontez Wiggins

Position: RB/WR/ S

Offense: Pistol Formation

Defense: 44 Youth Football Defense

Favorite Play – 38, 2 back in motion, Omaha set

Favorite NFL Team: Falcons

Favorite College Team: West Virginia

Meet our newest Youth Football Online All-Star selection- Dontez Wiggins.  What stood out the most on Dontez’s game film was his effort when he runs the football. He does an excellent job running through tackles. Like all good running backs, Dontez always keeps his legs pumping. He prides himself on finishing runs and not turning the ball over. He is an explosive youth football athlete with exceptional speed.

We ask Dontez, what does it take to be a good running back? ‘It takes good vision. You have to be able to find your hole and run through it. It also requires you to have good footwork and fast feet.’

Dontez Wiggins tips for other youth football running backs: 

1. Always have the ball high and tight.

2. Follow blocks.

3. Always keep feet moving, run through tacklers.

Dontez is not only an explosive running back, he is also a fantastic safety. He understands that he is the last line of defense. He told us his priority was to stay deep and to use his speed to deter big plays.  Dontez prides himself on tackling well in space. He explained that it is vital that you are able to tackle. Defense is all about tackling.

Dontez’s statistics:

  • Rushing
    • 51 ATT, 533 YDS, 10.5 AVG, 8 TD
  • Receiving
    • 9 REC, 142 YDS, 15.8 AVG, 2 TD
  • 27.5 TOT, 22 SOLO, 1 SACK, 1 FF, 1 INT

Key Accomplishments: 

Conference Champions 2014 (AYF – SMC)
MD State Champions 2014
Offensive MVP 2014

Dontez Wiggins’ Tips for Tackling: 

  • Get low- eyes through thighs.
  • Squeeze and wrap.
  • Aiming point is the midsection.
  • His coach implemented the Seattle Seahawks tackling method- “Hawk Tackling”

Dontez has a goal to make it to the NFL. If that dream does not come to fruition, his next choice is to be a veterinarian. He expressed his love and care for animals during our discussion.

Our newest YFO All-Star maintains a strict off-season conditioning program. He’ll accomplish 500 pushups and 300 sit-ups, throughout the training day. Sometimes Dontez goes to his grandmother’s house to run, and mountain climb to get his legs stronger. He follows proper nutrition practices buy eating lots of vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

Dontez was happy to talk about his role model, him mom-  ‘My mom, I love her because she helped me become very successful, she put me through all of these combines, she pays for many things. She’s helped me to become a great football player, even pays for equipment. I really love my Mom for doing all that stuff.’

What has football taught you?

1. Fundamentals are everything.

2. How to block and tackle properly.

3. Teamwork.

Dontez understands the importance of learning. He explains — ‘School is very important, if you have bad grades, you’re not going to get anywhere. School is very important to me.’ Though math is his favorite subject because he loves to figure out problems, he credits his history teacher as his favorite teacher as he makes learning fun for the students, they watch movies about history and communicate greatly with his teacher. Dontez is also an avid reader, a fan of sports and action books.

Dontez’s mom speaks regarding her son:

‘When Dontez wanted to play football at 5 yrs old, I was very nervous at first. But I’ve watched him improve tremendously. I’m amazed at his skill level. Football is his passion! Dontez makes sure his homework is done before I even ask, especially on his football practice days. I’ve watched him mature, with school and football, he understands that if you don’t have good grades then you can’t play football. I’m very proud of him!’

See his highlight video–