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YFO All-Stars Selects QB/LB/S Ayden Olver

Ayden Oliver

Name: Ayden Oliver

Team: South Lyon Panthers (Michigan)

Position: QB/RB; LB/S

Favorite NFL Team: Seattle Seahawks

Favorite College Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes

Offense: Spread, Pistol

Defense: 5-3, 5-2

Personal Goals: 100 rushing yards and/or 100 passing yards each game

Desired Super Power: Would like to fly, so he could travel the world whenever he wants.

Introducing Youth Football Online’s newest All-Star selection Ayden Oliver. Ayden is a humble, bright, and talented multi-sport athlete. He competes in baseball, basketball, and football, with his favorite sport being football.

Ayden plays a spread/pistol youth football offense. His favorite play is the ‘Wham Pass’- which he described as a fake handoff to the back and a throw to his receiver (TE) running a corner route. Ayden impressed us with his ability to break down and be descriptive while discussing his plays, proving to have a strong football IQ.  A duel threat QB that can beat you with his arm and/or his feet, Ayden is a diverse athlete that will continue to improve as gets older. He attends quarterback camps during the offseason and stays in football shape by running and doing push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups.

Ayden also excels on the defensive side of the football- playing linebacker and safety positions. His coach asked him to play safety because it limits the hits his quarterback has to take. Ayden expressed to us how much he enjoys playing both positions. He likes safety because he is able to see the field and make tackles. At the linebacker position, he loves shooting the gaps to make tackles in the backfield.

Read our interview with Ayden as he shares his thoughts on playing various positions on the field and what it takes to be a standout player.

YFO: Ayden, congratulations on being named a YFO All-Star. What does it take to be a good QB?

Ayden: Thank you. You have to be able to read the defense and execute the plays. To be a good quarterback you need to be a leader, be able to communicate with coaches and teammates, and you have to be a team player.

Duel Threat QB Ayden Oliver
Ayden’s Keys to Playing QB:
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Toughness
  • Teamwork

‘In order to play quarterback you have to be tough and competitive. You have to be able to take a hit and keep playing.’

YFO: On the defensive side of the ball, what does it take to be a good safety and linebacker?

Ayden: In order to be a good safety, you have to be able to see the field. You have to be smart and be able to tackle very well. A good safety is able to cover the pass and stop the run. To be a good linebacker, it’s about controlling your gap and getting to the ball carrier. You must be tough and able to tackle. You have to be able to read the offense and while being aggressive.


YFO: How important is school to you? What’s your favorite class? 

Ayden: School important. If you don’t get the grades, you can’t play at higher levels. I love science, it’s fun, and interactive. 

YFO: How do you manage football with your challenging coursework at school? Share a tip with us- 

Ayden: Always do homework first. I try to get my homework done on the bus ride home.

YFO: Being a football athlete, how important is nutrition to you? 

Ayden: It is very important. That’s how you take care of your body and are able perform at your best on the football field.

YFO: What’s your favorite football memory? 

Ayden: It was a trick reverse. As the quarterback, I got the ball back again and scored a touchdown.

YFO: Why should ALL kids play football?

Ayden: It’s really good for learning leadership and teamwork. Also, it is being able to have fun, interact with people and make new friends.

Dad Jayson describes Ayden best- 

He is coachable. He is a team player. He understands what the coaches want to do and executes it on the field. What I appreciate most about Ayden; he gives 100% every time he steps on the field. We talked about this when he first started playing sports. It’s not about winning, losing or being the best. It’s about being able to say ‘Dad, I’m tired’ after a game or practice because he gave his very best effort on the field. 

Join us in welcoming Ayden Oliver to our YFO All-Star family.