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YFO All-Stars Selects QB Preston “PJ” Carey

Preston "PJ" Carey

Name: Preston “PJ” Carey

Home: Long Island, New York

Position: Quarterback/Middle Linebacker

Favorite NFL Player: Russell Wilson

Favorite NFL Team:  Seattle Seahawks

Favorite Food:  Meatloaf

Desired Superpower: Super Strength

Youth Football Online selects YFO All-Star QB/MLB Preston “PJ” Carey. During our All-Star interview, we noted that Preston is a humble, bright and talented youth football athlete. His character glaringly stood out as Preston described his desire to play football with great sportsmanship and integrity- “Football teaches me that whenever you are playing a game, don’t be a sore loser. If you do lose say good job to the other team. It doesn’t really matter if you lose or win, you don’t have to be perfect”. 

After watching Preston Carey’s game film at the QB position, we noted that he throws an extraordinary deep ball. He has excellent arm strength and consistently throws a tight spiral.  He’s also accurate for his young age. Preston’s a very good dual threat QB, ready to beat you on the ground or in the air.

YFO: What do you like best about playing QB?

Preston Carey: I like passing and running the football. I like being able to utilize my feet and arm to beat defenses. I like passing to my teammates and letting them score.


YFO: What is your favorite passing play? Tell us about it…

Preston Carey: My favorite passing play is 17-Waggle.  I fake to the running back and roll out to the opposite side and throw the ball to my teammate in the flat.

Football has taught Preston to:

  • Have integrity
  • Be coachable
  • Work with his teammates

Tackling 2


In addition to offensive football, Preston also excels at the defensive side of football. Playing the middle linebacker position, he does a great job in finding the football and making a tackle. He is always hustling and prides himself on pursuing the ball carrier and making the play.

YFO: What does it take to be a good middle linebacker?

Preston Carey: To be a good linebacker you need to have good eyesight. You have to be able to find the ball carrier and make the tackle. You must be aggressive and must be able to tackle. Good technique is very important. You must always keep your head up!


YFO: What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Preston Carey: Play more aggressive and blitz more. This past season we were not able to blitz, now that I am playing in an older age level blitzing is allowed.  I also want to limit interceptions and turnovers.  My final goal is to be a good leader and help my team win games.

YFO: What advice would you give to another youth football athlete?

Preston Carey: I would say listen to the coach, keep your head up, and don’t be afraid if you are up against someone bigger.

YFO: What would you say to friend that was unsure about playing football?

Preston Carey: Football is a fun sport, good sport to play. In the classroom and everywhere else you can not hit, but on the football field you can hit.

Being an exceptional student is an essential part of Preston’s life game-plan. “If you don’t get good grades, then you won’t go to a good college or go to a good NFL team..” exclaimed our newest All-Star. He most enjoys his math class because his favorite teacher brings football examples into the classroom.

Funny, smart and really active- Preston is like putting lightning in a jar! Says his teacher Mrs. Petrone.

Preston currently trains with Georgetown’s James Brady (QB Coach) and Ohio State’s Matt Johnson (Speed & Agility). In addition to football, his hobbies include running track, wrestling, and playing lacrosse. 


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