YFO All-Stars Select Max Perry | Linebacker, Tight-end, Guard (New York)

YFO All-Stars Select Max Perry

Name: Max Perry

Position: Off: TE /G Def: LB

Age: 8

Favorite NFL Team: Buffalo Bills

Favorite College Team: U-Conn Huskies

Superpower Wanted: Teleportation to the end zone for a touchdown!










Meet our newest YFO All-Star selection Max Perry. Max plays linebacker, tight-end, and guard. Max loves playing linebacker and loves making plays on defense.

YFO: Why should kids play football?

Max: It’s a way to make friends, build confidence, and learn discipline.

YFO: How would you feel if tackle football was banned?

Max: Mad. I would be really mad if I couldn’t play real football.

YFO: What makes a good linebacker?

Max: You need to be a good tackler. You need to be strong with your tackles and you need to be able to run fast to the running back.

YFO: What have you learned from playing football?

Max: I learned the rules of the game. I learned how to tackle and block. I learned about team family and hard work.

YFO: What was your favorite football memory?

Max: When I got an interception.

YFO: What do you love about football?

Max: Having fun with my friends and making tackles on defense. I love playing with my friends and wearing my jersey to school.

YFO: What do you do in the off-season?

Max: Hunting, wrestling, and camping.

YFO: Why should kids play football?

Max: It’s fun to play football. You become a family with your teammates. It’s challenging and it helps make you confident and it is fun to play and to run around.

YFO: Goals for next season?

Max: I want to be an offensive starter.  I played mostly defense, I want to play both. 

YFO: Rachel, what would you tell other parents that might be scared to sign their child up for football?

Rachel (Max’s Mother): I was terrified at first, but as soon as I sat in on practices I seen how great his coaches were. They are trained, the kids have great equipment, and they all cared very much for my son. Football changed my son for the better. He has gained so much confidence, and has learned so much about the sport.

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