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YFO All-Stars Select Isaiah Marelis

YFO All-Stars Select Isaiah Marelis

Name: Isaiah Marelis

Position: DT/ C

Team: OB Cougars, NJ

Meet our newest YFO All-star selection Isaiah Marelis. Isiah plays Center and Defensive Tackle. I have coached Isiah the past three football seasons. Isaiah is a very coachable player. He is a very hardworking and a team first player. Isaiah’s practice attendance was near perfect. He loves playing football and he also does very well in the classroom. I will say that as far as football goes, he’s one of those kids that plays their best in the biggest games.

Coach Jeff’s Thoughts…

In 2018, we moved him from Guard to Center. He handled it very well and was consistent with under center and shotgun snaps. Heading into 2018, we had some serious concerns at Center. When we moved Isaiah to Center it became a position of strength for us. People don’t understand how tough it is to be Center and how important the position is.  Centers never really get the credit they deserve, and Isaiah never complained once.

Isaiah was also a very good defensive tackle for us. He did a good job of anchoring his gap and pressuring the quarterback. He did a much better job of using his hands as the season went on and that really elevated his level of play. He’s been in my defensive scheme for 3 seasons and this season he had his breakout year. He does an excellent job of running to the ball carrier. He had a couple sacks and a huge fumble recovery in our eastern regional championship game. This was because of his hustle to the ball carrier. He’s a very nice kid and he is also very respectful and does a good job of listening to his coaches.

YFO: What does it take to be a good center?

Isaiah: Focus. You need to be prepared and ready to play. It’s a hard position to play because you must get a good snap off and block a defender in front of you.  At first, I didn’t like it, but I got used to it as I got more practice.

YFO: What does it take to be a good defensive tackle?

Isaiah: Watch the ball, don’t go offsides. Anchor your gap and don’t chase laterally right away in case its counter.

YFO: Why should kids play football?

Isaiah: It’s good for exercise and it will help you get into shape.  You learn a lot about the sport and how to train to get stronger and faster. It’s a good team activity and you will make new friends.  Football has taught me discipline and how to pay attention.

YFO: What do you like best about football?

Isaiah: I get to tackle and play football with my friends. I like how football is a team game and we all become good friends and would hang out outside of football. Football is a like a family environment.

YFO: What are you doing to stay in shape during the offseason?

Isaiah: Wrestling and basketball. I like to go to courts when it’s nice outside and play basketball. I also will do some field training and go workout at coach Justin’s gym.  I play basketball about 3 times a week.

YFO: What is your favorite football memory?

Isaiah: Playing for the Cougars. Also, my best memory is when we won the Eastern Regional Championship game and recovering a fumble.

YFO: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Isaiah: I would like to play in the NFL one day. If that doesn’t work, then I would like to coach in high school or in college one day. I also would like to own my own business one day.

YFO: Tell me about a tough time you had in school, how’d you pull through?

Isaiah: During school if I have a C I stay after school, I ask my teacher what I’m missing, When I’m struggling, I work with my brother.

YFO: Why is school important to you?

Isaiah: It’s very important, I go do my homework and make sure I have everything done. If I have a lot I do it at home.

YFO: What’s your favorite food to eat, why is diet important?

Isaiah: Tacos.  Diet is important I needed to make team limit, I went from 154 to 146 during football. Diet is very important to me.

YFO: If you could have one super power what would it be?

Isaiah: Super speed. I’m not that fast, I would like to have good speed.

YFO: What are your main motivations for doing athletics?

Isaiah: I like to make friends and to stay active. Playing sports is fun for me.

YFO: What areas do you feel that you need improvement in?

Isaiah: I want to get faster and always get stronger. I want to work on my speed so I can get more sacks.

YFO: How important is athletics in your life right now? (Rate between 1 and 10 where 10= Extremely High; 1 = No importance)

Isaiah: I love playing sports because it’s fun and it will help me stay in shape and do well in school and in life. 10!

YFO: What do you feel are your main strengths in athletics?

Isaiah: I am strong, and I hustle. I want to keep getting stronger and keep working to get faster and better at sports. I am very good at anchoring my gap and getting sacks. I have become a good center, but I do want to work on becoming a better blocker.

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