Wishbone Passing Play- Power Pass

This play-action pass play is executed out of the wishbone formation.  This is a balanced formation which features a tight-end to the left and to the right side. The backfield features a fullback and two running backs. The good thing about balanced formations is that they do not give the defense a strong side of the field. Balanced formations will stretch the defense horizontally and make the defense defend both sides of the formation.

Wishbone Play ActionThis wishbone passing  play is off of play-action. This football passing play attacks the defense with a high/low route flood. The offensive linemen will pass block, securing their inside gap. The full back will block c gap (gap between the TE and OT). The left RB (halfback) will fake taking a hand off and then the RB will pass block. The play-side RB will run a short out route into the flat. If you are having troubling blocking the play-side defensive end you can have the play-side RB chip the DE. The play-side tight-end will do a 10-15 yard corner route.  The QB will execute a good fake hand off to the left RB, then drop back three more steps plant and throw the ball to the open player. The QB’s read is the corner back. If the CB flies up for run, the quarterback will throw to the tight-end running the corner pattern. If the cornerback runs with the tight-end, the QB throws to the right RB in the flat.

The wishbone offense is a great offense. The wishbone offense will allow you to pound the football, which will set up the play-action power pass. This is wishbone passing play works best when you have your power and counter running game going. This is a great wishbone passing play that will consistently give your team a shot for a big play.

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