What to do with a non-aggressive football player

What to do with a non-aggressive football player

If you’re coaching youth football, chances are you have at least one kid on your team that is a non-aggressive football player.  Toughness is key element in playing football, without it, the risk of injury during practice or game time heightens. The last thing that you want on the field is a kid that shies away from contact. Often times it’s lack of confidence that fuels the timidness. Maybe football isn’t the sport for them- since the kid is on your team- how do you prepare him to be aggressive on the field?

Develop a boxing regimen for your kids. This sport can help your non-aggressive kids enhance eye coordination and foot control and develop mental toughness. It’s will assist them to get in overall better shape. You’ll have the equipment that will be needed already. Here’s what a routine can include:

  • Jump rope
  • Shadow boxing
  • Heavy bag work (use a football dummy)
  • Floor work (this includes pushups, pull-ups, dips, bodyweight squats, core exercises)

Jump rope – This exercise is a YFO favorite. During our exclusive interview with LaDainian Tomlinson, LT mentioned jumping rope as a key training tool for kids. This helps develop explosion and quick feet for kids that aren’t considered ‘athletes’.

Shadow boxing.  Football mimics boxing in that there are one on one battles. A D-lineman vs. an O-lineman , WR vs. Cornerback and others.  Shadow boxing helps to visualize a battle against an opponent. Imagination is important, when it comes down to reality the kid will be prepared. Stay calm, put a smile on face.

Hitting the heavy bag (or football dummy). Two principles, good punching and good footwork.  Snap punches with good flow. Have a constant flow of punches. It isn’t about hard shots at all, we don not want hand injuries. Have the kids walk around the dummy as they hit (no jumping around). Let the timid kids get used to hitting!

Floor work. Have your timid players training hard. When a kid trains hard, confidence develops.  YFO youth football training staples include pull-ups, dips, bodyweight squats and core exercises.

Key point to teach to your non-aggressive kids is that their opponents are only human. With proper training and mental toughness they can overcome their timidness and dominate on the football field.

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