Waggle Play out of the I Formation

The Waggle Play out of the I Formation is a great play that will allow you to take advantage of overaggressive defenses. This is a play-action passing play off of Power or ISO action. Once you pound the defense off-tackle a couple of times, you then hit them with Waggle. This is an easy play to install and it has a high percentage of completion. It’s a very easy throw to make and it is a very safe play.

Waggle Play out of the I Formation

Center (C): Pass block. If he is facing double A-gap defenders then he is to block backside A-gap defender.

Right Guard (RG): Inside-Over pass block.

Right Tackle (RT): Inside-Over pass block.

Left Guard (LG): Inside-Over pass block.

Left Tackle (LT): Inside-Over pass block.

Tight-end (TE): 10 yard drag route. It’s important that the TE keeps running his route to the field.  He must drag behind the linebacker level.

X: Post pattern. It’s important that the X keeps running his route, he is an option on this passing play.

Z: Outside release, get vertical. He needs to run his route hard so that he clears out the cornerback.

Fullback (FB): Release into the flat. Make sure your fullback avoids contact so that he gets a clean release into the flat.

Tailback (TB): Fake power to the right, secure the edge. A good fake is critical here.

QB (1): Fake to the TB, turn, roll out and hit the fullback in the flat.  Make sure your QB gets depth and looks to hit the fullback into the flat first. If the fullback is covered, look to hit the TE on the Drag.

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Coaching Points

  • When reading the defense the QB must look to hit the FB in the flat, then the TE Drag, then the Post by the X, and if nothing is open, he can run the ball or throw away. It’s important that the QB stays within his read progression.
  • This play will only work if you pound the defense with the power or iso play a few times. Once you gut the defense with Power or Iso you can hit them with this Waggle.
  • This play works very well against man to man coverage. It is very strong against zone as well because you have a passing threats at all 3 levels of the defense. One of the three receivers will be open.
  • If you have a mobile QB this will be a very good play for your offense.

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