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Youth Football Online Selects YFO All-Star- Tre Darden

Youth Football Recruiting

Name: Tre Darden

Position: RB, Safety

State: Alabama

Offense: Split-backs

Favorite NFL Team: Seahawks

Favorite College Team: Alabama

Desired Super Power: Super speed

Favorite Football Play: 28 Toss- (loves this play because it allows him to get outside, behind lead blockers)

Goal: To be a Football or Baseball Player


Youth Football Online is proud to announce our newest YFO All-Star- Tre Darden. This kid loves football. Tre is an exceptional athlete with excellent field awareness and vision. He is able to find the crease in the defense and power through it.  Despite his youthful age, he is able cut of blocks and get up field.

Tre Darden’s football play can best be described as explosive. He has excellent speed and agility.  Tre has superb breakaway speed- once Tre breaks into space, he is tough to run down and tackle. Tre Darden has a second gear that is hard to match (good luck opposing defenses). When this football athlete gets into the open field, it’s showtime. Tre spends a lot of time working on his speed and agility, his track and field training prepares him for his football season.

Tre’s Tips for Running Backs:

1. Always keep your head up. Never run with your head down. It is important to keep your head up because you need to read the defense and go the right way.

2. Always look to the hole, never look at the QB

3. Show sportsmanship, have manners

Our favorite aspect of Tre’s offensive game is his ability to run through contact. He is determined, and has the will to always keep his legs pumping. He also runs with great effort, attitude, and toughness (E- A- T). There is a refusal to be tackled that is apparent with Tre’s game and it is appreciated. A common trait that excellent running backs have is they never stop feet movement, effort!

Tre is not just a stellar running back, he plays on the defensive side of the ball as well at the Safety position. He defines what being a sure tackler is all about (especially in the open field). Tre takes precise, sharp angles to the football while using his speed to run down running backs (that may have broken into the open field). Since he is so athletic and fast he is able to prevent big plays. ‘Don’t let anybody with the ball pass you’- Tre Darden’s defensive philosophy.

We asked Tre what is the most important aspect of playing defense. Tre stated: “If you want to play defense you have to be a good tackler. His football knowledge is wise beyond his years.

Tre Darden YFO All-Star

Even at this young age he is very football smart. Tre Darden is obviously well coached, but it is a testament to his intelligence and his ability to absorb and remember information. During our interview Tre was well mannered, often addressing us with ‘yes sir’. He is a humble and coachable young football player. Tre understands what he needs to do to improve, he mentioned his desire to get his legs stronger by training at the gym.

Tre is a straight A student. His favorite subjects in school are mathematics and science. Tre has been tested to enter the gifted program for his 3rd grade year. Additionally, he has been chosen to be Ambassador of his class 2 years in a row & has successfully carried out this honor.  He sets an example for other kids to be the best at whatever they choose. Tre always receives great compliments from his teachers and according to Tre’s dad Tabios, it shows on his progress reports.

‘Tre has an understanding of what he needs to do to prepare. Football prepares him, he takes it into the classroom.’ – Tabios Darden

Tre participates in several other sports as well. He plays baseball, a sport that he has grown to love.  His stats so far this year for baseball are:  .480 batting average with one HR.  Tre was also selected to play for his baseball All-Star team.
Tre lead the Oak Mountain 80Lb team in every offensive & defensive category.  He rushed for over 1,000 yards with 22 TDS.  One interception & one fumble return for a touchdown. Most recently Tre is attending the Young Stars Football Camp.  He plans to attend more football camps this summer in and around the Birmingham area.
Check out this highlight video on Tre Darden! Join us in congratulating this very talented youth football athlete in the comments below.