Toss Sweep Football Play

Toss Sweep Football Play

The toss sweep football play is an excellent way to get your athletes the ball out in space. The toss sweep play can be utilized out of almost any formation. These play diagrams feature the toss sweep out of an off-set & an unbalanced I formation. The idea of this play is down/crack block and lead block with fullback.

Unbalanced formations are great ways to create alignment conflict for the defense.  Many times youth football defenses will not adjust properly to an unbalanced line.  This will allow the offense to outnumber and/or out flank the defense. Make sure you go on a quick snap count so that the defense does not have time to adjust properly to the unbalanced side of the formation.

Toss Sweep Unbalanced

Coaching Points

  • This play needs to be called on a quick count. You want to go on a quick count because you do not want to give the defense time to notice and adjust to the unbalanced formation. Get to the line, get set, and get the ball snapped.
  • The RB cannot wait for the toss, he needs to get outside. It is the QB’s job to get the RB the toss. Ideally, you want the RB to receive the toss out by the TE.
  • The whole idea of this play is to get the ball outside. This is a play that attacks the edge of the defense.
  • The QB must execute a good toss. You want the toss right at the numbers of the RB. You do not want to float the toss. The toss needs to be a direct pitch right to the running back. The QB must turn; open his hips and square up to the target. Above all, the QB needs to look where he is tossing the football.
  • Running back needs to concentrate on catching the toss. He must look the toss in!

The toss pitch is executed just like this rocket pitch:

Play Calling 

Run this play when the defense starts to get over aggressive and blitz. This play is also a good call when the defense is giving you a loaded box. The trap play off of toss action is another play that complements this toss sweep football play very well.

Trap- Toss Sweep Action:

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