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 Fundraising for Youth Football 

Let’s face it, the economy is tough and almost everyone is looking for new ways to raise funds for their specific causes and projects (Try these 5 youth football fundraising techniques).  Therefore, developing the right business plan for your fundraiser is critical for success.  There is a lot to think about when planning a fundraiser which will ultimately have an impact on its success.  Some of the main considerations will be discussed here.

When developing fundraising for youth football  make sure you set a specific goal for the fundraiser. This fundraising goal should be a realistic one.  The fundraiser should be in the right scope for your goal.  Choose a fundraiser that is appropriate for your organization and community.  Finding a fundraiser that has a connection to football in general or youth football in particular, will bring more positive attention to your youth sports program.  Fundraising events fall into three main categories: sales, events and services.  All three can be very successful, as long as you find the right niche that is appropriate for your specific situation.

In addition, the right fundraising idea should be enthusiastically supported by your specific youth football organization.  It should be fun and exciting for the volunteers to get involved with.  The right fundraising chairperson and committee will make or break a fundraiser.  If there is positive energy associated with the fundraiser and the committee members, the fundraiser will take on its own personality and its own momentum will drive it forward.  A positive vibe is instrumental to success.

youth football fundraising think outside the box

Be creative and think outside the box when fundraising for your youth football team.  Look for new and different fundraisers.  Is there a way to involve a local business or businesses in your fundraiser?  Rather than soliciting donations from businesses look for ways to involve local businesses in your fundraiser which can be a benefit for their business in addition to your fundraiser.  For example, a local business might be willing to offer a discount coupon to participants in your fundraiser.  Use posters, programs, newspaper article etc. to thank business partners.  Make use of social media (Facebook and Twitter), newspapers, word-of-mouth, flyers, local cable and any other way you can think of to get your word out.  Remember, the fundraiser is doing more than just generating revenue; it is also promoting your youth football program.

No doubt fundraising can be challenging.  But your ability to “sell” your specific youth football program will have a large impact on the success of the fundraiser.  If your program is of interest to the greater community, then the community is likely to support the fundraising efforts.  Therefore, it is very important that you get your message out about what the benefits associated with the youth football program.  Make sure your community understands that this program will benefit the children of the community by promoting physical fitness, exercise, discipline, teamwork and self-esteem.   You will find that a well- planned fundraiser, for an organization that is of value to the community, is destined for success.

(by fundraising expert Laura Jones)
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